Chicken "Brains"

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On 24 Jun 2004 13:21:08 -0700, spam at nsdg.com (JJ) wrote:

>I am curious about the brain function of chickens. I was once told
>that the brain of a chicken is "a glorified Golgi Complex". Would
>anyone care to comment on the comparison between Golgi Complex and
>chicken brain? I have only a basic Bio 101 understanding, but I'd love
>to learn more.
>Thanks in advance...

Someone was trying to make a joke.

The Golgi complex is an intracellular structure involved mostly in
packaging material in the cell into vesicles for transport within the
cell or to the outside.

The brain of a chicken is no great shakes compared to that of a
mammal. Still it is an elaborate structure with forebrain, midbrain,
and hindbrain, all composed of many specific brain centers, each
center containing millions of cells.   (And each cell has a Golgi
complex).  The brain is a lot larger and more complex than, say, the
brain of a frog or a fish or of most invertebrates.  I don't believe
it is really significantly different in magnitude or capability from
that of any other bird. (But, then, being called a "birdbrain" is no
great compliment!)

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