how would you plan our next evolution?

David Dalton dalton at nfld.com
Fri Jun 25 12:57:46 EST 2004

On 25 Jun 2004 10:40:30 -0700, hoelzer at unr.edu (Guy Hoelzer) wrote:

>I would start by saying that this seems like a very odd question to me
>as an evolutionary biologist.  It smacks of the Victorian notion that
>we humans are on the outside of nature looking in.  Of course, we are
>instead on the inside with everything else.

Yes of course, we are part of the biosphere which is part of The 
Earth, but as part of a system can affect that system somewhat
and perhaps nucleate some change.

I noted that Arthur added some groups relevant to his post
retained when Guy followed up on him, and retained in
this one, but I am again directing followups to
rec.arts.sf.science   (though there is also a related thread
on talk.origins with some good replies as well).

Thanks for the feedback,

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