Longley's Enlightened Empire (Re: Enlightened Empiricism, Extensionalism and the Control of Operant Behavior)

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>> The difficulty which most folk face when trying to make sense of this
>> is that they don't understand how enlightened empiricism differs from
>> classic empiricism
>Diapers of the Night
>Longley knitting words of doom
>his prisoners on parole..
>Darkroom where the shadows loom
>and rectum lose control.
>Thus he blows his anal creed
>against the folk of times:
>"Enlightened Empire 's what you need,
>to save you from your crimes!"
>He yells and begs to be his guest
>for you to be his slave..
>He has no one to operate,
>control unto the grave.
>Intensional detention
>is all that has remained..
>For Longley needs extension
>but cannot get-it laid.
>And so he keeps on knitting
>his Empire of Delight,
>With Quine together shitting..
>Oh, diapers of the night.
The above is just further evidence of the type of liberal, irrational,
decadence and ignorance which has grown steadily worse over the past
decade, something which is reflected in usenet. Something to think on:

  'I have had neither the aptitude nor the temperament for
  debate, public or private, when confronted with  motives
  recognizably other than the pursuit of truth. If in discussing
  with a student I sensed that he was  animated rather by some
  ideological preconception, or by a wish to have been right for
  the sake of high marks or self-esteem, I make short work of
  the dialogue. A vast gulf, insufficiently remarked, separates
  those who are primarily concerned to have been right from
  those who are primarily concerned to be right. The latter, I
  like to think, will inherit the earth.'
  W.V. Quine
  The Time of My Life (1985).

For further relevant context, history, see:


and the list of papers and press links referenced in c.a.p on "what
works" (and what can be effectively managed).


David Longley

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