Longley's Enlightened Empire (Re: Enlightened Empiricism, Extensionalism and the Control of Operant Behavior)

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Thu Nov 4 12:18:54 EST 2004

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>David Longley wrote:
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>>> David Longley wrote:
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>>>> The above is just further evidence of the type of liberal, irrational,
>>>> decadence and ignorance...
>>> Your use of the word 'liberal' as a derogative places all of your 
>>>arguments and comments in proper perspective, as does your constant 
>>>attempt to slime a variety of newsgroups by heavy crossposting.
>>> <snip>
>> Your "perspective" is naive, ignorant and idiotic.
>>  Give yourself an education and try to read Skinner's "Beyond Freedom 
>>and  Dignity" 1971, and then, if you can manage it (which I suspect 
>>you  can't), "Upon Further Reflection" (1987).
>>  If that's all too much for you, try the populist version, ie 
>>Chomsky's  "Manufacturing Consent" 1992, or for some figures, try 
>>Murray and  Herrnstein's "The Bell Curve" (1994).
>>  Along the way, give a few moments' thought to why so many of the 
>>above  (and many like them) find folk like yourself and Verhey 
>>incorrigibly  ignorant.
>I can only add to my previous remarks that you are also a racial bigot, 
>as evidenced by your championing of _The Bell Curve_.  I am *delighted* 
>to be considered 'incorrigibly ignorant' by your racist behaviorist 
It's not about "race", it's about the distribution of human abilities, 
class structure, human behavioural genetics, human migration, mating, 
and the long term effects of natural selection. "Race" is just 
incidental, as you would have picked up if you'd actually read and 
understood any of it.

As it stands, you *are* incorrigibly ignorant, and you're also a naive 
dupe of a "politically correct" irrational liberalism which amounts to a 
pernicious form of intellectual fascism. As a consequence, you risk 
sacrificing everything that's rational about science.

Try to do some *critical* self-analysis and look more carefully into the 
empirical research instead of posting fanciful emotive rubbish. There 
are few findings with as much solid evidence behind it as the above, and 
I suggest you make a determined effort to grasp what it means along with 
some of its likely global economic and political implications rather 
than burying your head up your rectum because you don't "like" any of it 
or because you might "like" it to be otherwise. It's because of that 
sort of naive, ineffectual, romantic and in my view, entirely misguided 
behaviour that careful, productive science is driven underground or 
David Longley

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