Longley's Enlightened Empire (Re: Enlightened Empiricism, Extensionalism and the Control of Operant Behavior)

David Longley David at longley.demon.co.uk
Thu Nov 4 19:38:41 EST 2004

In article <10olgqeps8eos53 at corp.supernews.com>, Albert 
<alwagner at tcac.net> writes
>David Longley wrote:
>>> I can only add to my previous remarks that you are also a racial 
>>>bigot, as evidenced by your championing of _The Bell Curve_.  I am 
>>>*delighted* to be considered 'incorrigibly ignorant' by your racist 
>>>behaviorist heroes.
>> It's not about "race", it's about the distribution of human 
>>abilities, class structure, human behavioural genetics, human 
>>migration, mating and  the effects of long term natural selection. 
>>"Race" is incidental...
>The cat's already out of the bag, David.  You counted on no one knowing 
>what _The Bell Curve_ was really about and that it has been thouroughly 
>debunked by *real* scientists.  You are a right-wing racial bigot, pure 
>and simple.
Nothing's so simple.

What's "a real scientist"? Someone who reinforces your ignorant 
politically correct prejudices? Where did political correctness come 
from> Do you know? Look to extensional measures to shape your judgements 
not your feelings. If you don't like local ones (and they're available 
if you'd just look), look instead to proxy functions globally (like 
economic, educational or health variables. Look to sub-Sahara Africa vs. 
East Asia. If that's too hard for you to cope with look at the available 
empirical evidence from international studies. To date, there's no 
refuting evidence, and I'd welcome any that was, as that's what science 
is all about. Your remarks are redneck and offensive.

If you believe otherwise, show us all what your thinking is based upon. 
Failing that, just accept that you're the bigot, and try to listen and 
David Longley

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