Science and Morality

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| I can only honor Truth.
| [...]

I understand that folks'll
think me "stupid"... "Why
doesn't he just play the

I don't "play the game"
because I understand the
costs in doing so.

"Playing the game" just
perpetuates all the B. S.
that's so wreaked havoc
upon Humanity since the

So, I'll be killed... left to
die a slow death. So what?

I mean, how is that supposed
to alter anything that I can

If I don't Honor Truth, then
the understanding would
get trashed, in that, anyway,
wouldn't it?


The sorrowful thing is that
all of the work that I've not
yet been able to share with
folks will be lost, too.

I've agonized over that. I
want the Children to have
access to all of it.

But what can I do when
folks in power treat Truth
as if it's merely a "parlar

Shall I give them Truth, so
that they can, then, do more
of the Same-Stuff that's
been happening -- 'truth' as
it's "convenient"?

That doesn't work. In fact,
if folks look around [with
unveiled eyes], folks'll see
that virtually all of the most
heart-breaking stuff that's
ever happened has occurred
be-cause folks "play" fast
and sleazy with Truth.

You know -- Dishonor it.

I'm not out to "scandalize"
anything or anyone. Just've
reached the point where I
can no longer Justify "wait-
ing" any longer. The funda-
mentals of NDT are suf-
ficiently known to folks.

But I will stand aside" and
watch as folks murder one
another. What else can I do?
NDT's understanding acts
through folks' choice.

I'll not transgress folks'
Free Wills.

But I must stand-with folks
whose Free Wills are be-
ing Transgressed.

Even though doing so will
relegate 'me' to the trash-


| The other 5 problems that I've resolved
| have all been discussed, sufficiently, in
| long-prior posts.
| Hold me to it.
| [...]

It's always been 'funny' to
me that folks think that NDT's
stuff just "materialized" out of
thin air.

It didn't. It required a lot of
devoted problem-solving.

The methods that were necessary
didn't exist, so I invented them.

So I laughed and laughed while
working on the CMI problems,
because I'd solved the 6 of them
decades ago. They, and numerous
other problems of similar calibre,
had to be solved in order to put
NDT's stuff together.

It's all so 'funny' to me.

When I started out, I thought I
just had to solve the problem -- 
construct the theory -- and that'd
do it.

But, back then [1971], I'd yet to
fully understand "behavioral
inertia" and all of its ramifications.

If it matters to anyone, gaining
the understanding has always been
sufficient "reward" for me.

But, gees, 'louise', what a waste
of devoted effort in Science.

When I started out, I'd nary an
inkling of that possibility -- the
terminal-waste. I'd always seen
Science, and Scientists, as "above"
all of that. And, perhaps, when I
gained my foundation in Science,
that was the case.

I was born in the 'year' following
the Manhattan Project's 'success' -- 
right on the cusp of Science's be-
ing co-opted by "group-think".

Coming to terms with the way
'science' is done post-Manhattan-
Project has been, for me, pure
agony -- jaw always hanging down,
aghast at what I was coming to
understand was happening.

And, for what, this 'exiling' of

I mean, it didn't stop 'nuclear'
weapons proliferation, did it?


All it 'accomplished' was a
pointing-right-at-itself that
virtually assured that the sup-
posedly-secret 'science' would
be abused by folks who just
followed the 'secret' stuff's

And look at what the result of
that is.

Humanity's moved-backward
to something like a Midieval
'state', in which fear has be-
come everyone's daily burden.

That's what 'secrecy' does.

That's what 'engineering
truth' does.

Truth goes right on doing what
it does, despite such 'spinning'.

Look and see. There's Love in
what I'm saying.

k. p. collins 

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