Destruction of cannabinoid receptors by psylocibin? THC toxic?

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Mon Nov 8 19:09:05 EST 2004

theramarm at yahoo.com (The Ram) wrote in news:80503902.0411080628.7147b990

> Anybody knows if psilocybon destroys the cannabinoid receptors? Is it
> really toxic and destructive?

psilocybin probably does not bind to CB1 receptors... I've never seen a 
paper testing this though... I have never seen a paper testing whether it 
is neurotoxic either, but I doubt it.
> Is THC a toxic substance, that is, does it actually destroy the brain
> or just binds? Because if it just binds, then what's the source of the
> assumed loss of memory of pot users?

Although there are some report of THC being neurotoxic at high doses in 
experimental animals, or in neurons growing in culture, it seems unlikely 
that it is neurotoxic to humans. There isn't much proof that THC causes 
people too "loose memory". People using cannabis have cognitive deficits, 
but these seem to dissipate after abstinence (except for perhaps in very 
extended use)
> Does THC accumulates in the brain?

To a degree, if someone smokes cannabis regularly, THC will build up to a 
higher level than after one session, but it will reach a maximum, and 
then if the user stops smoking, the THC will distribute out of the brain, 
and be cleared from the body.

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