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With respect to NDT' understanding,
it needs to be clarified, now, that it
doesn't matter what anyone says on
scientific grounds.

All the "doors" are closed and locked.
No one will be able to controvert, on
scientific grounds, any of the simple
fundamentals of NDT that I've
discussed online over the course of the
past 14 'years'.

In the past, understanding that NDT
was very-new [very-'unfamiliar'] to
everyone other than myself, I've de-
liberately worked to make sure that
folks would have 'time' to consider
all of that newness. [Some will, now,
comprehend "sytlistic" choices I've
made over the 'years'. It was to give
folks a chance to learn, unoppressed.]

That's at an end, now.

On scientific grounds, the fundamentals
of NDT that I've discussed are in-
controvertible. It doesn't matter what
anybody says from the perspective of
Science, and, if anyone attempts to
'challenge' it, I'll probably just laugh.

There is one way in which NDT's
understanding can still fail to come
forward -- only one 'grounds' on
which it can fail to survive. Folks can
choose to 'deny' it, and there's nothing
that I can [nothing that I will] do about

I do, however, remain Obliged to
folks who've not yet had opportunity
to choose with respect to NDT's
stuff, and I continue to take that
Obligation seriously, seeing it for
what it is -- a matter of Life and
Death on a massive scale.

It's clear to me that I've no longer
the "luxury" of open-ended 'time'.

So, as gently as I can, I admonish folks
to keep out from between Truth and
me -- from between the Children and

To those who are "anxious", for one
reason or another, if you cannot see,
by now, where my 'heart' is -- if you
don't know, by now, that I care for
you probably better than you care
for yourself, then my choice will be
to just let you go your own way. I've
no longer 'time' enough to be concerned
with your 'anxiety'. So, divert your
senses, and the 'time' I've left will
just run-out, and you'll be left, still
having to deal with "the beast", but
not with me.

For myself, I've still a few Honorable
options, but those failing "I'll be peaceful
and calm when I'm laid to my rest".

I've done my part.

K. P. Collins 

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