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I watched your segment on "Homelessness" tonight. None of your 
panelists saw deeply enough into the problem. It begins in 
Childhood, when Children experience their Parents doing a lot of 
stuff except "Parenting". Such experience sets a Child "adrift", and 
as the Child matures, she or he is left without the skills upon 
which the "establishment" depends.
In the above, it probably, at first, seems that I'm "isolating" the 
problem to Families, but that's not True. The skills upon which the 
'establishment' depends are not benevolent, but tend to be rather 
cut-throat, and, more than anything else, folks who end up homeless 
matured to adulthood without acquiring the correlated "skill".

It's a long story [I'll explain, a bit, below], but I've studied all 
of this stuff over the course of the last 34 years. Looking back 
through the lens of my own experience, I see clearly that folks are 
primarily concerned with coping with the "cut-throat" stuff, and 
only superficially with respect to "social niceties", like caring 
for the "downtrodden". You know - folks give "lip-service" to those 
who suffer all around them. Folks do this because experiencing 
others' suffering is "burdensome", and that's where the "cut-throat" 
stuff gains its impetus, and it's superficial "disguise", in which 
folks learn [in Childhood] to be duplicitous, saying a lot of 
"flowery" stuff while strongly 'moving away from' the "burden" of 
dealing Justly with the folks who suffer all around them.

Of course what I'm saying, when first encountered, seems to be 
"extreme", but take a look at demographic maps, and you'll see it 
all for yourselves. Such maps do not only map population 
characteristics. They also [literally] map folks' 'hearts'. Looking 
at a demographic map, one can literally see folks' collective, 
relatively long term, 'moving away from' behaviors. So there's 
nothing "extreme" in what I've said above. Look at a demographic 
map, and it's all right there, plain to see.

And the sad reality is that, within our 'society', the 
duplicitousness has become rampant.

How do I know this? I've lived as an advocate for those who suffer. 
I've experienced what I'm writing about.

As a young man gifted in science, I chose to work to explain how 
"prejudice" arises within the biology of nervous systems. After 9 
years' work, I was completely successful. That was 25 years ago.

You see, when I went to grad school, and spoke of this work that I'd 
begun as an undergraduate, I was told that the problem of 
"prejudice" "is impossible", and that, if I didn't give up working 
on it, I'd not be allowed to continue on in grad school. This was 
four years into my effort, and my eyes had been opened to how folks 
suffer under the yoke of "prejudice", so I knew that I couldn't give 
up. To do so would have made me responsible for folks' suffering. I 
left grad school, and continued to research the problem in the 
Neuroscience stacks of good libraries, achieving success in 1979. I 
then circulated brief descriptions of the work I'd done, only to run 
head-long into the "duplicitousness" in which folks say anything, 
but only 'move away from' more-strongly.

Then the really-sorrowful stuff started happening. While resolving 
the problem of how "prejudice" arises in the biology, there were 
many gaps in the existing literature, so I had to construct models 
in efforts to "bridge" these gaps. Everything in these "models" was 
unknown to others, and what happened when I circulated my work was 
that folks who saw what was in it realized that the "bridges" I'd 
constructed were valuable technologically. Rather than help getting 
the understanding communicated, these folks saw "dollar signs", and 
did just the opposite - 'moved away from' allowing the understanding 
to be generally communicated.

Can you see the immense sorrow inherent? In order to 'profit', folks 
were withholding understanding that could help folks who suffer 
under the yoke of "prejudice".

And, the more I "cry out", like in letters like this, the more folks 
gather together in their superficial professions of 
societal-"solidarity", treating me as if I'm some "poor lost soul", 
even while professing "interest" in helping folks who suffer.

It's been ugly, and I'm left with my eyes wide open to that 

There are a lot of variations, but homeless folks are just people 
who don't play this duplicitous game. Folks who haven't learned the 
dishonesty that's required to do so.

If you folks at [...] really want to know, I'll come to you and 
explain everything, even the biology which is easy to understand.

Sincerely, k. p. collins

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