The US Army fighting one individual

Fabrizio J. Bonsignore fbonsignore at beethoven.com
Thu Nov 11 15:50:58 EST 2004

militar! Started enticing people with Home for All to accuse me of
revolutionary, published the virus to accuse me of genocide, don`t
want to recognie my contribution because it is too much, I am young
and handsome, THEY CAN`T ALLOW ME TO GO SACRED! Just imagine the
intellectual deepness! And behind these are te patents they stole form
me, so they use `SIDE EFFECTS` to keep me poor, unknown, my identity
changed, ill (they are trying to make me ill, turn me into a miserable
addict (their other excuse), brutalize me, and keep making excuses.
Oh, and they invited gangsters to the White House, so tey can`t allow
the White House to lose `prestige` (as if it had any), so it is better
to change my identity and turn me BY FORCE, into something they can
despise, instead of letting me present my arguments and spread TRUTH.
For I argument, I have that much intellectal honesty.

Because it is so easy to live as a militar, doing nothing, with huge
budgets, in an all men environment, to protect `secrets` that only
lead to more budgets, when the world has arrived at a stage of militar
impasse where big conflicts can`t occur.

An Army is meant to fight armies or help (protect) the people. If the
Army engages its resources to fight a single individual, even if by
fighting that individual thousands other must suffer, but those
thousands are not organized as an army, the Army is commiting a
criminal act and those who participate, from the leaders to those who
`have orders`, must be prosecuted as the criminal they turned into...

So even the US Army was unable to resist the temptation of stealing
intellectual property to the Glory of one or more traitorous officers?
Whoever winds up `owning` one of my ideas and belonging to the Army is
certainly as criminal as the pirates in Mexico`s City Central Av.

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