In Memoriam Yasir Arafat 1929-2004-11-10

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Thoughts on the death of President Yasir Arafat [1929-2004-11-10]:

While I Condemn =all= resort to violence, having experienced 
circumstances that are not dissimilar from those that were 
externally-imposed upon Mr. Arafat, I want to discuss, a bit, of 
what I've come to understand about the ways in which such external 
influences act.

The main 'premise' upon which they act is multi-multifaceted 
[branched multifacetedness], but, even within the complexity of this 
branched multifacetedness, is always relatively well-integrated 
because of the way in which nervous systems 'blindly' and 
automatically process information via 'blindly'-automated TD 
E/I-minimization as it is discussed in the "Automation of 
Knowing..." ms. At it's 'heart', its wellspring is always within 
group-wise "prejudice". Those who act in-it are always, most often 
unwittingly, acting in a 'sense' of relatively-extreme 
self-righteousness. They gain this 'sense' of self-righteousness 
through the facts of the 'power' that they have accumulated, always 
via exertions of force which are included in the violence I 
condemned in the first line of my discussion. Folks gather together 
for the purpose of beating-down others whom they 'presume' are 

It's worthwhile to take a side-trip, here, to discuss one of the 
multifaceted branches of the overall dynamics. This branch has a 
"chicken or egg" quality to it. Which comes first, being victims of 
externally-imposed violence, or being the victimizers? It's always 
the case that folks, on both sides, claim to have been "victims" 
before they became "victimizers". Because of the way nervous systems 
process information, however, this is never True. Given a "clean 
slate", absent understanding of how nervous systems process 
information, it's universal within Human interactive dynamics to 
"seek-advantage" with respect to that which has merely become 
relatively-'familiar' [relatively-TD E/I-minimized]. And, absent the 
understanding, this always occurs in a relatively-short-sighted way, 
which always leaves folks having Transgressed - leaves folks being 
the "victimizers".

But, although the above is verifiably True, Truth, inherent, is 
commonly 'denied', with folks all around always pointing to their 
own victimhood while they simultaneously 'deny' their own 

There is a 'blindness', inherent, that derives in the prevailing 
ignorance of how and why nervous systems process information via 
'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization. And the sinister thing is 
that, because nervous systems do process information via 'blindly'-automated 
TD E/I-minimization, folks who experience violence 'blindly' and 
automatically become 'familiar' with violence, and their nervous 
systems literally become attracted to violence. It is because of 
this, and that, since 1979, readily-available understanding about 
how and why nervous systems process information via 'blindly'-automated 
TD E/I-minimization has been actively-withheld from folks, that 
Humanity still periodically reiterates the inward spiral of 
self-destruction, each time, exhausting itself in 'blindly'-automated 
Violence, while the means to exhaust itself become evermore 

Within all the superficial "crowing" about "us vs. them", in folks' 
'hearts', all there has been is 'blindly'-automated 
'self-righteousness' that operates with savagery against any who are 

If it were not so immensely-sorrowful, it would be hilarious - folks 
claiming that their circumstances are the "worthy" circumstances, 
when all that's actually happening is 'just' folks' giving 
themselves over to being as robots that are programmed to be 
ignorant - even to the point of allowing themselves to act in ways 
that will ravage their own Children. It's so sorrow-filled, though, 
that one cannot laugh about it. What one can do is study it, in all 
of its multi-multifaceted complexity.

That's what I do, so I'll share some stuff, in Memoriam to Mr. 
Arafat, that I've been studying for decades. I'll discuss it [in 
tiny part] from the perspective of my own experience - so that folks 
on either side of the Middle East's heartache will not have reason 
to feel "attacked".

I have "lived" in "exile" as you did, Mr. Arafat. Virtually 
imprisoned. All means of communication cut-off, with only a trickle 
allowed to actually reach beyond the confines of my imprisonment.

In my case, as in yours, Mr. Arafat, it has been the reaction of 
'blindly'-automated 'powerful' folks who, in ignorance of the way in 
which nervous systems process information, banded together to act in 
'blindly'-automated ways that they "calculate" [literally, but 
Falsely] will 'assure' the survival of the stuff with which they've 
become 'familiar'. 'Self-righteousness'.

The way it always happens - the way they always work - is that, 
being aware of their 'power', they exert it to 'pressure' the 
behaviors of others in ways that are calculated [literally, but 
Falsely] to 'coerce' the others' behaviors into conformation with 
respect to that with which they are 'familiar', which is what they 
think is "right".

In my experience, this coercion occurs whenever I come online, and I've 
no idea whether anything I post in a newsgroup or send via email 
actually reaches anyone except a few of the 'powerful' folks. But, 
in my experience, this sort of question does not come up only with 
respect to my online efforts. It is also always right-there, no 
matter what it is that I do. I've written thousands of letters, made 
thousands of phone calls, traveled, visited, knocked on doors, 
always with respect to various scientific discussion that I've 
known, with certainty, are filled with True wonders.

And I've watched as "results" of these efforts ramify within folks' 
interactive dynamics. There are many ways in which one can so 
"watch", and, if one is diligent, one can grow ever more certain of 
the stuff that 'reacts' to one's actions. And one can literally see 
the actions of the 'powerful' folks who have exiled one to their 
version of "hell".

My case is, at once, exactly the same as, and a bit different from 
yours, Mr. Arafat. In some ways, less savage, and, in other ways, 
more so. While I've not had to endure explosive destructiveness all 
around me, I have, nevertheless, experienced the heartbreak of 
Children being ravaged all around me, including the Children on both 
sides of the Palestinian-Israeli divide. Never having the 
opportunity to Marry, I count all Children, everywhere, as my own. 
And that's where my experience has been more-savage than yours has 
been. I've been exiled to imprisonment, just as you were in 
Ramallah, because 'powerful' folks, seeing and understanding what 
has been laid bare in my efforts to communicate understanding to 
folks, deemed my efforts a "threat" to their 'power'. So, I've had 
to watch, from my imprisonment, as my Children are slaughtered 
before my media-bourne eyes. It's a savagery which is indescribable. 
I've been dying, with them, little by little.

But it's not my purpose, here, to mourn either your experience or 
mine. Just the opposite is True. I wish to Celebrate your Resolve on 
behalf of those whose sufferings unfolded all around you. And, while 
I cannot accept your resort to violence, I want to tell you that I 
understand how you have been coerced and manipulated, and always 
painted in an untoward 'light'.

I've watched your experience, through the lens of what has been my 
own experience, Mr. Arafat. I've watched as everything you did was 
coerced, manipulated, and 'turned-around', always in ways that the 
'powerful' folks calculated [literally, but Falsely] would paint 
your Being as 'unworthy'. The Same-Stuff happens many times, every 
day, within my own experience, so I understand it. And I watch as 
the 'powerful' folks, most often unwittingly, routinely declare 
themselves. And then, through all of their machinations, they point 
at this or that that you've done under the force of their coercion, 
'forgetting' all else that you've stood for, and say, "See?" [That 
part of it =is= pretty funny :-]

So, I understand, Sir. And, today, I'm determined to struggle-on, 
even in my imprisonment, because I'm lifted-up by remembering your 
struggle, from your imprisonment which began decades ago, long 
before your exile to Ramallah, and which happened not only to you, 
but to the whole Palestinian Prople.

While there is Life in-me, Mr. Arafat, you Live - right-there, next 
to Mr. Rabin.

"Lay peaceful and calm", Sir.

K. P. Collins

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