Science and Morality

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| > And, the more I "cry out", like in letters
| > like this, the more folks gather together
| > in their superficial professions of
| > societal-"solidarity", treating me as if I'm
| > some "poor lost soul", even while
| > professing "interest" in helping folks who
| > suffer.
| You sure that's not because you act crazy,
| and refuse to conform to the norms expected
| in societies you wish to work with?


BilZ0r, I know that the work I've done is not "crazy".

One of the ways I'm able to know that is that it's
being ripped-off and published, in other's names,
all over the place.

You know, "imitation and flattery", and all that.

And, if you care to know, it's very hard to
experience what I routinely have to experience.

So, I poke-it-in-the-ribs, a bit.

k. p. collins 

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