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| > And, the more I "cry out", like in letters
| > like this, the more folks gather together
| > in their superficial professions of
| > societal-"solidarity", treating me as if
| > I'm some "poor lost soul", even while
| > professing "interest" in helping folks who
| > suffer.
| You sure that's not because you act crazy,
| and refuse to conform to the norms expected
| in societies you wish to work with?

How do I "act crazy"?

By pointing out that "societal norms", left
'blindly'-automated, ravage Society?

That's not "crazy". That stuff that just
needed to be done.

So that can't be it.

Is it "crazy" to have done the kind of work
that I've done, but still be "poking folks'
sensibilities in the ribs"?

Well, I admit, there's some 'heart'-ache in-
it, but, from within the circumstances in
which I exist, the only information I have
to go on is as I've discussed. I can see that
folks know about NDT's understanding. I
can also see that folks've ab-used NDT's
understanding. I can see that folks have
been working to coerse my personal cir-
cumstances, even to the point where I'm
unable to find work [and I can see, in
that, that folks 'know' about me, and
that what they 'know' about me is False].
I can see that I've been left to decide
whether I'll remain True to NDT's under-
standing, or 'play-the-game' in which
"lip-service" is given to all that needs to
be said and done, which means that it's
probable that nothing will actually be

I can see that some pretty-important
stuff is dependent upon choices I make,
and I see the responsibility -- the ob-
ligation -- that's inherent in that.

I can see that a lot of folks would pre-
fer it if, like Mr. Arafat, I'd just die. [It's
pretty-hard to see this, BTW.]

I can see that, throughout my efforts to
breathe Life into NDT's understanding,
I've Guarded folks Free Wills -- even
on behalf of the folks who'd prefer it
if I just died.

I can see that, if I die before the full-
ness of the work I've done is com-
municated, the loss to Humanity will
be great. But there's nothing I can do
about that. I can't get my work pub-
lished via any normal means. All those
doors have been closed to me.

So, folks have a choice, dare to be-
come Human, at last, or muddle along
within the augmenting savagery.

I see that I must remain True to the
obligation inherent.

It's pretty-hard to do so.

But there's Love in doing so.

So, what's "crazy".

Being 'willing' to die?

Trust me, if there was another way,
I'd go that way. But there isn't.

It's a one-time thing that's fallen to
me to do.

That I can endure what needs to be
endured is probably why I was
able to do what needed to be done.

All this 'difficult' stuff said, what's
funny is that in-person I'm just
gentle [ulness there's trouble for
the Children hapening in my
presence. Then, I do what needs
to be done, as gently as I can, but
without fail.]

So see? It's not "crazy".

It's just a pretty-hard, one-time
thing that's fallen to me to do.

Because I can, and because I was
willing to do it.

What's "crazy" is that I'm condemned
for doing it.


Treated like an ogre.

Me and Shrek :-]

k. p. collins 

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