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kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Fri Nov 12 13:29:42 EST 2004

I've realized that I should explain what
I'm doing in these 'difficult' msgs I'm

And the first thing I want to say [now :-]
[should've said it =the= first thing] is that
those who have acknowledged this or
that of NDT's worth are in my 'heart'. I
carry you there, gaining sustenance from
your Courage, and I understand that, all
things considered, it =is= Courageous for
anyone to acknowledge the worth of NDT's
stuff. In the future, your Courage will be
recognized and celebrated. Meanwhile,
be at peace in your knowledge that you
are not 'afraid' to Honor Truth.

On my end of things, I just carry you in
my 'heart'. I want you to know that I do
not "leverage" my own position by using
your acknowledgements in any way. I
just carry them in my 'heart', gaining
sustenance from them. I realized, long
ago, that because there are always many
'difficult' things that fall to me to do, I
cannot "include" even any of those who
have acknowledged NDT's worth within
my doing of what needs to be done. If
I did so, that would give a False impres-
sion that folks who've acknowledged
NDT's worth are, "somehow involved"
in the 'difficult' stuff I discuss. No one
else is so involved, and I'd like folks
to understand that, although I'm obliged
to do the stuff I'm doing, I =want= to
spare others from any 'reactive heat'
that follows-on the 'difficult' stuff that
I discuss.


You are in my 'heart', and I Guard
all that's in my 'heart', scrupulously.

So, be at peace, but realize that I
do understand your Extraordinary-

Other matter:

What I'm doing, these days, is work-
ing to "counterbalance" some 'fear'
that a lot of folks have with respect
to 'ndt'. Such 'fear' derives in the
fact that folks've heard of NDT,
but, because they don't, yet, under-
stand it sufficiently, they don't know,
yet, what to do with respect to it.

I see the behavioral correlates every
time I go offline. Things kind of
'fizzle', and folks sit around, sort of
"twiddling their thumbs".

Part of this happens [of course] be-
cause of the way I discuss 'difficult'
stuff. Folks are 'afraid' that if they
"become involved" in bringing NDT's
stuff forward, that they'll also "be-
come involved" in the generalized
'backlash' that always occurs with
respect to the 'difficult' stuff that I
routinely work to expose in my on-
line discussions.

So, when I go offline, things sort of
"fizzle". Everyone's 'afraid' of "be-
coming involved".

I understand all this, so I've got to
come back online to lift-folks-up, a
bit more -- in order to counterbal-
ance folks' 'fears', and the cor-
related "fizzling" of folks' awarenesses
of what's at stake.

By this 'time', folks who read the
discussions I post should be be-
coming aware that I write for a
particular group of 'powerful' folks -- 
address them directly. These are
the folks who, before they under-
stood sufficiently, actively ab-used
NDT's [and [TH's] understanding.

These folks are my main focus be-
cause they are 'powerful', and, if
I don't reach them, out of 'fear'
of their former ab-use of the work
I've done, they will 'just' thwart
it's becoming generally communi-

[This always strikes me as funny.
I'm having to carry the burden of
their choices :-]

But, of course, I've got to work-
through this "sticky-point" with
these folks, and that's what I'm
doing these days.

Encouraging their increased under-

Aussuaging their 'fears'.

Acknowledging that I do see them
coming-around, and that I want to
encourage that.

I'm addressing them head-on be-
cause that's, simply, what must be

They need to understand that the
future of Humanity is at stake, and
that there actions have been Visible,
all along. And that, I intend to aug-
ment that visibility, because NDT's
understanding constitutes a matter
of Life and Death on a massive

Really. Whether or not NDT's
understanding is generally com-
municated will Probably determine
whether or not Humanity Survives.

So I'm lifting-folks-up with respect
to all of this.

Delineating the Consequences

And encouraging folks to Choose
on behalf of Humanity, rather than
any collection of stuff that's merely
become 'familiar' [TD E/I-minimized]
within their, often cloistered, ex-

I understand that my doing this stuff,
in this the only way that's 'open' to me,
is 'Hard', all around.

It just needs to be done.

k. p. collins 

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