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On my imprisonment...

It's really entertaining, to watch as the 'box' in which I exist 
becomes ever-smaller. It's been going on for 'years', now, but I've 
decided to talk about one element of that shrinking-ness.

It's the 'funny' ways my computers 'work'. Way back, when I got my 
first computer, mind filled with a g'zillion things I wanted to 
make-real in it, I took my interaction with the machine very 
seriously. I knew it would only do what I told [programmed] it to 
do, so I called myself to task with respect to working always in 
accord with rigorous principles. Keep things organized, and 
 "back-up", "back-up", "back-up".

See? Computers are wonderful machines, mostly because they allow one 
to leave one's work and, subsequently, pick it up again. This 
enables one to attack all manner of problems a little-bit-at-a-'time'.
And, not only that, but one can write some code, save it, and, then, 
take the same code in g'zillions of different directions.

This last thing is, to me, the most-wonderous usefulness of 
"computers", and it's because I so value this one capability of 
these machines that I routinely "back-up", "back-up", "back-up".

It's like breathing to me.

So, when I noticed, several 'years' back, that, while restoring 
files from this or that back-up set, that, here and there, files had 
'disappeared', that was very-curious to me.

And it just got curiouser and curiouser, as I watch the same stuff 
happen 'time' and again.

Of course, this sort of thing always gets my attention real good, 
because, when I want to work with some old code, it's always the 
case that I'm hot on the trail of an interesting demonstration of a 
problem's resolution that I know the old code makes possible. So 
when the code's 'not there' in the back-up set, I always recognize 
that circumstance immediately.

How could this be happening? The Internet? Viruses? My machines' 
being hacked while I'm online?

While my Internet machine is routinely 'hacked' while I'm online, it's 
can't be any of those things. It can't have anything to do with 
anything that happens while I'm online because I never work on 
coding anything on my Internet machine. And, besides, I wipe my hard 
disks and renew machines' operating systems "at the drop of a hat".

And that's what's 'hilarious'. Even with all of this "rebuilding" of 
my machines, the files are still 'going-missing' - on machines that 
don't even have modems. Their only "connections" are to the power 
grid, and, possibly, via RF, what, with the frequencies at which 
modern PCs run.

So it's been a "head-scratcher", and quite amusing because, since I 
"back-up", "back-up", "back-up",
I'm =certain= that I never actually lose anything.

But it's a pretty-interesting thing to study. However it's 
happening, the operating systems on all of my machines are 
compromised, right out of the box :-]

That allows me to narrow things down some. This sort of occurrence 
is pretty sophisticated, technologically. Can't be done by "average" 
folks because it requires a huge budget, and intimate integration 
with the machines' hardware and operating system specifications.

It's pretty-'scary' when one digs into it.

And there's nothing that I can do about it, except talk about what's 
been going on - like I am here.

Anyway, to the folks who are doing this stuff - all of which I can 
completely Verify - please stop.

Your efforts are for not. When I noticed, 'years' ago, that this 
stuff was happening on them, I stopped actually doing anything on my 
computers Switched-over to doing everything in the ol' noggin'-lab, 
which has always been my preferred way to work, anyway. And the 
results have been positive, probably because I was "boosted" by your 
efforts to work your 'high-tech magic' on my computers. I even 
stopped writing in my notebooks, which required me to really 
get-things-solid in my mind. But it worked for me - pushed my 
ability to do the work in my head to a whole new 'level'.

The only reason I've ever used a computer is to establish external 
embodiments of problems that I'd =already= solved in my head - so 
that others could receive the benefits of those solutions. That's 
all I've ever done on my computers.

So the only 'result' of you folks' transgressing my Right to Privacy 
[forgive me for telling-it-plain] has been that you've cut-off the 
flow of stuff that I'd, otherwise, have just given you folks, and 
anyone else who wants it.

And there's the 'rub', isn't it? You folks who are doing this 
creepy-crawler stuff want to withhold the stuff I do from 'normal' 
folks, eh?

I never Guess, but that's where I'm exploring with respect to this 
stuff these 'days'.

But your efforts are for not, because I long ago distributed 
archives of the stuff you folks seem interested in 'erasing'. These 
archives were distributed long before I came online to discuss the 
work I've done. I wasn't 'worried' about the stuff being stolen, or 
anything like that. You folks probably already know, but back then I 
was in the midst of the "Terrible Times" - when I was pushing myself 
beyond the limits of my endurance - because I was trying to bring my 
work forward before my Mom succumbed to cancer. So, because I was 
always "coming in on a wing and a prayer", financially, I routinely 
distributed archives all over the place - so that, if I were to lose 
all of my possessions, I could work to recover from that, and use 
one of these archives to reestablish my efforts to give the work to 
folks, including, I'm sure, you folks.

The archives were distributed all over the place - countries upon 
countries. You know, "back-up", "back-up", "back-up".

So you folks've got a lot of 'erasing' to do.

'Good luck'. Many of the Archivists don't even know that they're 
"archiving" anything, so I'm sure the archives won't show up on 
their computers.

What are you folks going to do? A house-to-house search in every 
House, in every Country?

Don't be angry with me. If you folks look-back [=way= back], you'll 
see that, as soon as 'funny' stuff started happening with respect to 
the work I'd done, I tried real-hard to inform you folks about these 

There's nothing that you folks can do that'll 'erase' Truth.

And there's nothing that I can do, in that way, either. When the 
'funny' stuff started happening, I took action to protect the 
understanding that I have no capability of reversing. It's what I 
was talking about, way back, when I said I 'died'.

What needed to be done was done.

I'm informing you folks, now [again], because I want you folks to 
receive the benefit of NDT's understanding just as much as I want 
everyone else to receive it. But the way things've been going, it 
looks like you folks are going to do something that you'll regret.

Go ahead and Test-it if you want to.

That'll be 'interesting' - one of those "closed-doors" things, I 

Me? I'm just Aghast at the way you folks Disregard all that America 

My jaw hangs down at how you folks've 'forgotten' Her.

I'm Disappointed in you folks.

So, since I can easily measure you folks' Seriousness by evaluating 
the energy you've expended in trying to 'erase' stuff, I also 
understand that Killing me is not beyond you folks.

So I thought I'd look-you-folks-in-the-eye, a bit, while I'm still 

What the heck? I'm clone-servered, anyway. It's not like I'm doing 
anything that can cause you folks any 'trouble'.

Would like you to Think, a bit, though.

K. P. Collins

"A man rests all over when he lies down." [Stonewall Jackson] 

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