Science and Morality

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It's True, but I do not, yet, know if it's True
in the fullest sense of the words I chose to
use, above. I should have allowed for my
'wondering', so I do, here.

Anyway, if folks look-back, they'll see that,
for the better part of a 'decade', I've been
documenting the stuff that I explicitly
discussed in the post linked-to above.

It's what I was talking about, for instance,
in the discussions of "Truth's One Map"
and how it can be unfailingly followed.
If folks look back, they'll find =many=
other documentary correlates. I had
to do this documentation. I don't care
to disclose all that's inherent, beyond
what I'm doing in these posts.

During all of this "documentation", I was
reaching-out to these folks who ab-use
"high technology", pleading with them,
and admonishing them, that they should
reverse their course.

But, because my end is in view, I've come
to see that the 'time' for pleading and ad-
monishing must, also, be at an end.

The problem is so Heart-rending. These
folks've become so 'blinded' through
their 'familiarity' with the 'power' of
"high technology" that they've actually
lost the ability to Think.

If they don't Kill me first, I'm going to
give that ability back to them.

My doing so will constitute yet more
'difficult' stuff, so all you 'normal' folks,
please steer clear of this discussion.

There's rampant Evil -- "Abstract Ig-
norance", run amok in an extreme way -- 
that I'll be taking a firm-stand against,
and, in this sort of thing, I'm Obliged to
Protect Innocent folks, and I try hard
to do so. But, if folks 'stumble' into the
discussion, I will still have to do the
'difficult' stuff that needs to be done.

So, please, stand clear.

Why I'm sure this stuff needs to be
done derives in my own experience.
I saw, long ago, that there was some-
thing =really= wrong if a guy, able and
willing to work on behalf of the general
good is "beaten-down" in the midst of
his doing so.

I found it outrageous that a man "can't"
work on behalf of the Children -- that
work on behalf of the Children could
be, and was, treated as if it constituted
a "crime".

So, I studied everything that's been

And I intend to Fix what's broken

I understand more than I can say,
short of Testifying under Oath, so
some of my discussion will seem
"cryptic" to most folks, but it'll all
be crisply-clear to the folks to whom
I'm reaching-out, and on whose
behalves I'm writing.

It will be 'difficult', so stand-clear,
but don't be 'afraid' of following along.
Much of what I'll discuss will be of
general interest and significance.

And, of course, all of it reduces
directly to Neuroscience.

k. p. collins

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