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Open Letter to President George W. Bush:

Honest, Mr. President, I'd been preparing
advice to send to you this weekend, and
it was just the opposite of what has transpired.

I was going to advise you to clean house,
keeping =only= Secretary Powell. It is my
analysis that the rest of the major players
in your Administration are completely

You are ill-advised by them, especially,
in my analysis, by Mr. Rove. Mr. Rove
treats you as if you're a "puppet" on strings
that he pulls. And Mr. Rove routinely
Dishonors Truth.

You see, Mr. President, you were selected
as a potential candidate for the Presidency
by a bunch of Predatory self-serving folks
=because= of your "good nature". They
selected you be-cause they presumed that
you would be naive and maleable under
the influence of what they presume are
their "superior" capabilities.

These folks performed a Coup. Took-
over America, and the result has been
that America -- and Humanity -- have
been badly 'served'.

You are the only person on the face of
the planet who can take action to reverse
this Coup.

Need I remind you that you are a Texan,
and that Texans [like us folks in Mass-
achusetts] stand on their own two feet?

You are, so I encourage you to do
exactly that. You need to surround your-
self -- fill your Administration with -- 
folks who Love America, and who
want to serve =Her=, not themselves.

The surest way to accomplish this is to
seek out folks who 'just' Honor Truth.

Mr. Powell has done his best to serve
you, and America, in that way.

It is a Sorrow that he is going and the
Coupfo linger on in your Administration.

K. P. Collins

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