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In this post, I'll discuss one change that's
needed, across the board, within Education
in America.

The problem that I'll discuss is that Students
are left blind, even after having spent up to
hundreds of thousands of dollars to obtain
their educations. The same is True in Public

Consider the "limit" that I pointed out in one
of my recent posts [and which I've discussed
reiteratively over the 'years']. TD E/I is mono-
tonically increasing across Humanity, and the
means of Destruction are becoming evermore

Any Student of Calculus should be able to
just see this limit and what it means for
Humanity, but not only do Students graduate
without such capability to see, they've not
even thought about the need for such seeing.

How can this be, my Friends?

How can this have been allowed to happen.

A simple limit going unrecognized?

It happens be-cause, way back, when
Professors were Students, they, too,
graduated 'blind' to even that which was
right-there, =in= the subject matter that
they supposedly had "mastered".

And this 'blindness' has been handed-
down, Professor to Student, ever since
"education" got its start.

The 'blindness' is literally coerced upon
Students. It's literally =taught". And the
Students 'must' acquiesce to so becoming-
'blind', because, if they don't, they 'fail'
to graduate.

See the Problem?

It's huge, and it permeates Educational
dynamics at all 'levels'.

But there is an =easy= antidote to this
'poison' that Students have been forced
to 'drink'.

All that's necessary are weekly "Practica",
during which students are challenged to
explore =everything=, looking for oppor-
tunities to actually =apply= this or that
that has been treated in the classroom,
and, better yet, stuff that's not yet been
treated in the classroom.

The idea is to =actively= Teach Students
to See what's right-there within their
everyday experiences that transcends the
simple "formulae" that are the typical

Get it?

What good is 'mastering' The Calculus
if one cannot see the world through the
lens of calculus -- even when there's
this limit, out-there, the understanding
of which is necessary for the Survival
of Humanity?

I've used the one example, but it's
been the same in =all= subjects of

Students are 'taught' to do what's
necessary to 'pass tests', but they
are not Taught how to see the world
through the lens of what they encounter
in their course work.

There was an example on the ABC
evening news earlier this night. [Perhaps
there's a correlated page at the ABC
web site?] The Article discussed how
college students are resorting to using
"Adderol" [sp? tm] to 'gain an advantage'
in their 'studies' ["passing tests"]. The
Article closed saying that the subject
admits that he's becoming dependent
upon the drug.

And he's left [by =us= my Colleagues
in Neuroscience] not being able to
See the Consequences, inherent, over
the course of the rest of his Life.

The subject needs to See that his
nervous system is a finely-'engineered'
information-processing mechanism,
and that, there's just no way that he
can muck-around in-there, as on a
lark, without mucking-up what's
in-there, and the full potential of his
nervous system's information-processing
capabilities. [If anyone wants to
discuss this one thing further -- if you
can't See the "mucking-up" -- please
msg back].

Not only are Students left 'blind' by
Education, they are left feeling the
need to deliberately make themselves
'blind', more, via such casual drug
use that 'enables' them to meet the
terms of the coercion under which
they are required to become 'blind'
if they want to 'graduate'.

What good is such?

What got me thinking [again] about
this stuff was my preparation for
continuing the discussion of the post
that is linked-to above.

The "Intelligence Community" is
a prime example of the costs in-
herent in allowing Students to 'grad-
uate' without having been Taught
how to See.

They go to college, master "high-
technology" subject matter, 'graduate'
still-'blind', and get a job in the intelligence
community because they can dazzle
their employers with their 'high-tech'
"wizardry". And Truth is that they get
so [literally] caught-up in 'high-tech
wizardry' they lose the capability to
actually Think -- lose the ability to
even See the world that they're,
supposedly, "analyzing".

I was going to write a lengthy anal-
ysis of this specific problem, but
this past week-end has just been too
sorrowfully-'interesting'. Too busy.
Never got around to it.

But I want to =begin= addressing
all that's entailed.

The problem is not in the "Intelligence
Community". It's a problem in Education
that not only leaves Students 'blind',
but coerces 'blindness' upon them.

Is what's here clear enough?

If anyone wants further discussion,
please msg back.

My Colleagues in Neuroscience,
it's 'time' to start Teaching NDT's
stuff to your Students.

That they might See.

k. p. collins 

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