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| [...]
| But there is an =easy= antidote to this
| 'poison' that Students have been forced
| to 'drink'.
| All that's necessary are weekly "Practica",
| during which students are challenged to
| explore =everything=, looking for oppor-
| tunities to actually =apply= this or that
| that has been treated in the classroom,
| and, better yet, stuff that's not yet been
| treated in the classroom.
| The idea is to =actively= Teach Students
| to See what's right-there within their
| everyday experiences that transcends the
| simple "formulae" that are the typical
| testing-points.
| [...]

Go ahead and Teach your Students,
also, that you are, in fact, Teaching
them to See.

There are huge benefits to so doing
because, every now and then, the
Student will "catch fire" because the
thing that they See in their everyday
circumstances will result in their
=wanting= to understand it in it's own
light, and, of course, this will give
them reason to "become one" with
the subject matter, techniques, form-
ulae, etc. that are being conveyed
within classroom 'time'.

The best problems -- the ones that
most lift the student up -- are problems
that have not yet been dealt with else-
where. These problems enable the
Student to "sense" the responsi-
bility that's inherent in problem-solving.
And that is part of what "lights the
fire", within -- when Students see, with
their own eyes, how the tools that
they're acquiring in the classroom

An added benefit, here, is that the
old 'question' of "How will I ever
use this stuff?", which is asked by
all Students at one 'time' or another,
is completely worked-through. And
this is an important thing to achieve
while Teaching because, that one
'question', which always comes up,
if not addressed [or addressed in
a coercive way -- "Because I
told you so." or "Because you
need it to graduate." -- is the one
thing that destroys most Student's
abilities to "catch-fire".

=Catch= 'fire'. SO that it can be
used to do useful stuff. Nice thought.

The other thing is, a lot of teachers,
are 'afraid' of being confronted with
problems to which they've no clue
about "the answer". So they feign
'omniscience'. Such is =Deadly=.
It literally Kills Student's abilities
to "catch-fire".

So not only don't be 'afraid' of
those problems, actively encourage
your Students to seek them out,
because you're Learning to See,
too. See? And, in your approach
to Student's bringing up such
problems, you can Teach how to
go about Seeing what's in a prob-
lem when you do not, yet, know
what's in-it.

And, lo-and-behold, that's exactly
the best way to Teach how to See.

"Pick it up." "Turn-it-over." "Sense"
the problem's stuff. Take a note.
Collect data.

Don't just do all of this stuff "rote".

Make sure that your Students
understand that you're Teaching,
by example, how to See.

Take it home. Sleep on it.


All of this is much more productive
than coercing "formulae", etc.

You know -- teach =how= to Learn.

Celebrate the "head-scratchers", and
use discoveries of their existences
to charge Students with their Respons-
ibilities as Students.

Because the Future depends upon
what, when they're in your charge,
only you can give them.

You know?

Don't let them 'graduate' 'thinking'
that, because they can "write a
program", or work a Maths problem,
write an essay, etc., that just doing
those things "means" they See the

Seeing the world consists of being
actively-engaged in Seeing the world.
Being always-willing to look-with-

Teach =that= while you're bringing
your Students up to speed with
respect to "nuts-and-bolts" stuff.

You know -- Teach them that the
"nuts-and-bolts" are just "nuts-and-
bolts" -- stuff that enables them to
build what's not yet been built.

Get your Students to See that =this=
is the goal of Education, not "passing

The Seeing -- the building of what's
not-there yet -- is what Education
is all about.

And it's not even taught.


It's so =easily= Taught.

And, if you try it, you'll find it's
a lot of Fun, too.

It's so Fun it "electrifies". Literally
animates your Students' Futures.

You know?

[Sorry. This discussion should've
been more than it is. My machine's
been under some 'hacker's 'attack'
while I've been composing tonight's
discussions, and that's been "distracting"
me, a bit. 'Course, I'm also 'watching'
TV while I write :-]

k. p. collins 

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