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| The problem is not in the "Intelligence
| Community". It's a problem in Education
| that not only leaves Students 'blind',
| but coerces 'blindness' upon them.
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Well, that's NQI [not quite it].

There's a lot of "gaming the system"
going on, and it's clear that the
"intelligence community" does "attract"
folks who like to "game" stuff. But,
then, so does "Business", and, Lament-
ably, so does "Government", increas-

It's Rampant in 'modern america' -- 
this 'gamesmanship'. Anywhere one
looks, one sees folks who 'think'
they're "pulling-the-wool" over some-
one else's eyes.

And =that= is the Problem.

Get it?

=Seeing= is what is of Paramount
concern, but 'everybody' is "cele-
brating" what they 'think' is their
"ability" to 'prevent' folks' Seeing.

It's all inside-out, upside-down,
and backward. "Inverted" [AoK,

Folks are "celebrating" what they
'think' is other folks' 'blindness'.

Can you see what's =in= such?

The Antithesis of Humanity's Survival
is in-it. That's what is being so "cele-

Sorrowful, no?


And the "intelligence community"
literally attracts folks who "revel"
in such.

"Reveling" in the Non-Survival of

I understand that that is not the
way they 'see' it.

The problem, as I've been dis-
cussing, is that they 'just' don't
=See= the world in which they
are, nevertheless, 'operating'.

And that's where the Problem falls
back upon Education, be-cause
it's been Education that has allowed
[fairly insisted] Students 'graduating'
without being able to =SEE= the
world, into which they are, never-
theless, going to go, Consequentially.

So, be-cause folks who are attracted
into the "intelligence community" go
in-there having been left 'blind' by
Education, some of them fall Victim
to 'engineering' all manner of stuff
that is Hurtful to Humanity.

But the =Big Problem= is that they
can't See even that.

They can't See that =everyone=
wants the same-stuff -- TD E/I-
minimization -- but that this same-
stuff literally grows within one =de-
pending-upon what it is that each
person actually experiences=.

So, absent Seeing that, folks 'fall-
back' into the old "broken-record"
rut of 'humanity's Ravaging itself.

And 'everybody' 'thinks' that they
have to 'ravage' their neighbor be-
fore their neighbor 'ravages' them.

Check it out -- =that= is what all
the "gamesmanship" that's so-"cel-
lebrated" in 'modern america' is
all about.

So, you See? When one Sees how
nervous systems process information
via 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-min-
imization, one Sees all of that "cel-
lebratory" stuff for what it is -- the
"beast", left uncomprehended, do-
ing the Same-Stuff that's Ravaged
Humanity since the Beginning.

So, See? Teaching our Students
how to See is Important.

There's another thing that needs to
be discussed -- a Malevolent way
of 'seeing' that's beyond the scope
of this post's discussion. I'll discuss
it in a follow-up.

k. p. collins 

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