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| You see, Mr. President, you were selected
| as a potential candidate for the Presidency
| by a bunch of Predatory self-serving folks
| =because= of your "good nature".
| [...]

"Predatory self-serving folks"?

Yeah. They hold 'power' in 'america'.

High-zoot 'educational' institutions revel
in augmenting their 'power', and, when
they 'graduate', having been left 'blind'
by their high-zoot institutions, they set
our to =Prey= upon the Citizenry, and
do so Mercilessly.


"The Savings and Loan" Scandal.

"Insider trading".

"Corporate espionage".


"Coup operations".

"High-technology" 'spying', and,
literally, War.

Etc., etc., etc.

And it's all "celebrated" by the 'members'
of the 'club' who inflict all of this Meanness
upon Humanity.

And, when someone stands-against all
of the Meanness, inherent, the 'members'
conspire to Kill him.

It's True.

I 'live' on the being-Killed end of all
of this.

Although the folks who do the Ravaging
'think' their actions are "invisible", all that's
in-their-actions [and in-them :-] is flat-
out, plain-as-day, Visible.


Consider NDT's stuff. It's Benevolent
through-and-through, yet I can't even
get a paper, discussing it, Published?

"Yeah, sure."

It's why there's been such great-Sorrow
in the way I've had to work to bring NDT's
understanding forward. I Knew I could not
Fail, so I had to find a way to just do
what needed to be done.

Toward that end, I've worked and worked.

But the 'funny' thing is that, every 'time' I
tried this or that, my efforts didn't just
go-for-not. You know? There's =always=
"data" in-there.

And, if one is diligent, the data accumulate,
forming a "negative-image" of Truth which,
lo and behold, completely-discloses Truth.

Folks who've been reading all along -- the
folks I've been writing for -- Know, by now,
what I'm talking about here.

The immense-Sorrow is that, all along, I've
Seen the stuff that you folks 'thought' was
"secret". I'm telling you folks that it's been

And the 'heart' of the immense-Sorrow is
that, instead of just receiving the Good-Will
that I've held out to you folks, you folks've
given yourselves over to Cowardly-'fear',
in which you 'cannot', now, do anything to
reverse your former Predation -- because
you folks, now, understand that it's True
that NDT's stuff is a matter of Life and
Death on a massive scale.

It's such an immense-Sorrow.

You folks have left other People Slaughtered,
and/or, otherwise Ravaged, all over the place
'because' you folks were so 'blind' that you
couldn't 'see' anything other than the "tech-
nological value" that's in NDT [and TH].

It's the Same-Stuff that you folks have
done in Iraq -- gather together fabricate
a bunch of Lies, so you folks could 'profit'
from the "rebuilding", from that Nation's oil,
and set the stage to attract all of the broken
'hearts' to one Killing field so that you could
"be rid of them", too.

So you've resorted to Murder.

You're Murdering me.

'because' =you= were left 'blind' by your
high-zoot 'educational' institutions.

And what's 'hilarious' is that you folks
'brag' about your "patriotism" -- you
'presume' to be "worthy" -- in a Perversion
of Darwin's work, in which you 'see' your-
selves as "the fittest", you give your own
Children what you take from everyone
else's Children, while you do your utmost
to eliminate everything that =America=
has stood for -- everything that all the
Blood-flowed to establish, you folks have
been 'undoing' -- 'because' all you folks
can 'think' of is 'playing' your Ignorant

But all you folks are is Predators and
Murderers. Rampaging through the midst
of Humanity, Ignorant as Hell, Ravishing,
Pillaging, playing your "games", as if your
Fellow Human Beings are "inanimate

And, then, you "celebrate"?

But what's in-there to "celebrate"?

And, when folks protest your Savagery,
you 'just' Kill them.

Learn a little Calculus. There's a =Limit=
in what you folks are doing, and your
actions have only accelerated the 'day' of
it's coming.

Go back to College.

This 'time', to a place that actually works
to Enable folks to See.

K. P. Collins 

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