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| [...]
| in a Perversion
| of Darwin's work, in which you 'see' your-
| selves as "the fittest", you give your own
| Children what you take from everyone
| else's Children

To anyone who "doubts":

The death-toll, amongst U. S. Military
personnel now stands at greater than

These are my Brothers and Sisters in-
arms -- Sacrificed by the Predators
who cannot see beyond Greed-driven

Watch =The News Hour= on PBS.
See their faces. Read their Names.
They are Children. Children among
the Children that I was talking about
in my prior post, quoted-from and
linked-to above.

These are the Sons and Daughters
of the Innocent-'powerless' folks
of America. =True= Americans.

And where, amongst their number,
are the Children of the 'powerful'?
You know -- the Children of those
who are crowing about their

You see? It's just as I said, above.

Perverted-"Invertedness" that says-
anything in attempts to 'justify' its
Greed, and its 'playing'-of-the-'game'.

Look at the fruits of your 'game-

Look at what you've taken from
the Families that you so-obviously
count as "less" than your Families!

Look at your miserable Wretched-

You 'leaders'.

You 'blind' Fools.

And look at what you've done to
the Children of Iraq!

Thousands upon thousands of
their Brothers and Sisters, Fathers
and Husbands, and Children,

How can you folks continue on
this Stupid course of 'leadership'?

Can't you folks see that the Central
Consequence of your 'leadership'
will be the establishment of an
Army, a 'generation' hence?

Can't you folks see that all you're
'accomplishing' is sowing the seeds
of what will be a Humanity-wide
future Travail that will make the
Problem that has contemporaneously
confronted us appear as a goose-
bump on the back of one finger?

You Treacherous Fools!

You've Known of NDT's under-
standing for 'years' and 'years', yet,
instead of using it as you could
have used it -- to Lift Humanity
up -- you chose to 'seek-profits'
through the ab-use of its stuff.

You know -- to paraphrase
Prime Minister Blair, "[You
can't be helped unless you =want=
to be helped." NDT's understanding
works through folks Choice. But
how can folks Choose if NDT's
understanding is actively-withheld
from them.

So you folks 'presumed' to 'choose'
for them.

"Yeah, sure." Where, in the Constitution
of The United States Of America does
it say that you folks have the "right"
to withhold Benevolent-Truth from the


If you look, you'll see that The
Constitution Demands 'just'-the-
opposite stuff of all Citizens.

And, today, it's 'hilarious'. The 'republicans'
voted to 'protect' their 'leader' in Congress
from 'the law'.

I Know Republicans.

Abraham Lincoln was a Republican.

Anyone who voted for this 'protection'
is no Republican.

And look at the Administration 'circling
wagons' within the C. I. A. That's
=not= happening for the reasons
that are being put forth by the
Administration. They're trying to
cover up their Treachery, by trying
to force folks at the C. I. A. to not
acknowledge NDT's stuff. [This is
an Impeachable Offense -- because
it attempts to "countermand" the
Oaths of Service that all C. I. A.
personnel take to defend The
Constitution against all enemies,
foreign and domestic. Such can-
not be enforced, and anyone who
attempts to do so has placed him-
self outside of The Constitution.]

I so Lament your willful-'blindness',
and what it's doing to America.

You folks know nothing except
how to ab-use 'power' that's been
entrusted to you, even by the Citizens
whose Sons and Daughters are being
Slaughtered within the Greed-filled
'game' you folks 'play'.

[To folks in general: Please Forgive
my Stand-Taking. If you recall, when
I said, in the last post of my prceding
online "life", that "It's too late", I was,
then, Knowing that they had Chosen
the Hard way, and that I was Obliged
to call them to-task with respect to
what these folks have been doing to
Humanity. I'd seen that, if I did not
"look them in the eye", they'd 'just'
go on wreaking their Havoc upon
Humanity. Perhaps they will continue
to do so, still.

One thing is certain. They will if there
is no one who will allow NDT's
stuff to be generally-communicated.

If that will be the case, then it's al-
ready too-late for Humanity.

My view is that, when 'leadership'
Fails, the Citizenry, itself, must Lead.

For myself, try to imagine the "Hell"
of understanding that I must Honor
Truth in these matters -- to be 'power-
less', but nevertheless, understanding
that I can only "Speak Truth to 'power'."

To have Lived in-Love with Life makes
it Hard to Die this way.

But it's the same-stuff that happened
to Jesus. Literally, the "beast", Ab-
stract Ignorance, in both cases.

So, humbly, with my merely-Human
flesh, I've "picked up my cross", and
have followed His Example, leaving
you folks to experience the 'fruits' of
your Choice.

I can't help you, if you don't =want=
to be helped.

I will, however, continue to work on
behalf of the Children. Free Will
Guarded, all-around. Each gaining
the Fruits of =their own= Choice.]

K. P. Collins

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