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| [...]
| And look at the Administration 'circling
| wagons' within the C. I. A. That's
| =not= happening for the reasons
| that are being put forth by the
| Administration. They're trying to
| cover up their Treachery, by trying
| to force folks at the C. I. A. to not
| acknowledge NDT's stuff. [This is
| an Impeachable Offense -- because
| it attempts to "countermand" the
| Oaths of Service that all C. I. A.
| personnel take to defend The
| Constitution against all enemies,
| foreign and domestic. Such can-
| not be enforced, and anyone who
| attempts to do so has placed him-
| self outside of The Constitution.]
| [...]

Yes, there =are= "rogue elements"
within the Intelligence Community -- 
folks who 'do anything', simply be-
cause they 'think' they can. And
these folks =do= stand outside of
The Constitution, their 'actions'
=only= Hurting America, and
making Her Less. Their Offense
=is= Great.

But "blanket" measures cannot
be invoked because such measures
'cut-down' the "wheat" along with
the "chaff".

Get it?

There are folks within the Intel-
ligence Community who carry
America in their 'hearts', rather
than Perverted 'blindness'. These
folks Serve America, or, at least,
Forthrightly =try= to.

It's only Hurtful to America if
these folks are "grouped"-with
the folks who've Forgotten
America, and America's Prom-
ise to Humanity.

So it's a Hard-Problem.

But there =is= a Way through
which it can be Resolved.

This Way is a bit Arduous, how-

It is to, Simply, =Honor Truth=.

Instead of amassing an enormous
volume of so-called "secret"
stuff, do 'just'-the-opposite of
that -- Celebrate =Truth= instead
of Erroneously-'supposed' 'sec-

You see, Truth is a "double-
edged sword". It "cuts" both ways.
One cannot Honor Truth with-
out, simultaneously, calling one's
self to-task with respect to Truth.

Get it?

=Don't worry= about the sup-
posed 'usefulness' of 'sneaking-
around', supposedly-'covertly'
acquiring 'truth'. Such is com-
pletely-unnecessary, and =only=
inflicts self-administered Wounds
upon =any= who pursue such.

Truth is Self-Disclosing. All =any-
one= has to do is, in all that they
do, =always= strive to 'move to-
ward' Truth. And, to the degree
that =anyone= does so, they do,
in fact, 'move toward' Truth.

Honor Truth, and Truth Honors
you right back. =Unfailingly=.

Not, and Not.

You know?

Look at the opposite of Hon-
oring Truth. See what's right-
there, =in= such.

When Truth is routinely Dis-
honored, that literally =Invites=
Hurtful stuff upon =anyone= who,
and =any= entity that, does such.

Look and =See=, when Truth is
routinely Dishonored, that leaves
folks mired-down within within
Falsehood -- so =anyone= who
wants to -- =any= entity that
wants to -- can 'just' "drop" more
Falsehood into the "witch's brew"
of Falsehood, and, be-cause, the
"witch's brew" that's routinely-
allowed it's existence is so internal-
ly-convoluted, the Falsehood that's
"dropped in-there" by Hurtful-
actors 'blends-in' with the rest of
the whole Sorrowful-Mess, rend-
ering it [to those who rely-in
Falsehood] 'invisible'.

Get it?

But if one [=anyone=], or =any=
entity =only= routinely, and Const-
antly-Strives =only= to Honor
Truth, then, to the degree that they
do, in fact, Honor Truth, they are
"innocculated" against being vulner-
able to =any= Falsehood that oc-
curs within their experience.

It's not a "no-brainer". Honoring
Truth can =only= occur as a result
of Choice within on-going exper-
ience, and, given a 'normally'-func-
tioning nervous system, at any
'point' within one's experience,
one's information-base [one's
"experiential total" [AoK, Ap8]]
will be less than it will be at the
"next" 'point within one's experience.
So, 'moving toward' Truth is never
"constant", consisting, rather, of
=always= Striving to 'move
toward' Truth, and =always=
Striving to 'back-out-of' False-
hoods that become newly-rec-
ognized as experience accum-
ulates. The =Constancy= is in the

Part of the Problem has been
that, because the way in which
nervous systems process informa-
tion, via 'blindly'-automated
TD E/I-minimization was not
understood, within the prevailing
"witch's brew" of Truth being,
everywhere, routinely-Dishonored,
rather than Recognizing that it's
a Goodness to Correct Errors,
folks've tended, strongly, to use
occurrences of Errors-being-
Acknowledged as "Weapons"
with which to "beat folks over
the head" -- usually, but not
always, the one who Acknow-
ledges a "mis-take".

Such is =Deadly= to the going-
forward of Humanity -- because
it's as a "Trap" that constrains
behavior, coercing it into the
"inwardly-spiralling" interactive
dynamics that are discussed in
AoK, Ap8 -- and, when such
is allowed to happen, =EVERY-
THING= within it goes to
=WASTE=. [You know -- like
what happens, more and more,
with each Presidential 'election'
here in 'america'. =Think= about

Abraham Lincoln's experience
Taught him well with respect to
all of this. He routinely Honored
Truth. Paraphrasing him: "I will
correct errors as soon as they
are shown to be errors."

I encourage Politicians [and
=everyone= else] to follow his

Honoring-Truth is so Powerful,
it's a Sorrow that Dishonoring
['moving away from'] Truth has
come to be so commonplace.

Everywhere one looks, just
about all one sees are folks
'living'-Trapped be-cause
they've 'stumbled' into False-
hood from which they 'think'
they "cannot" extract their
Beings -- routinely 'assisted'
in so 'thinking' by all around
them -- when all they have to
do is =BEGIN= to Honor
Truth Constantly, and they'll
find themselves able to "walk
right through the walls" of what
they 'thought' was their "trap".
['Course, be-cause of the pre-
vailing Rampant Dishonoring
of Truth, it'll be some "lonely"
Freedom :-] But it's =Freedom=,
True, Shining-Bright Freedom.
And that's the best-possible
stuff in which to experience

You know?

It's =Exactly= as Jesus Taught:
"Truth shal set you free".

It does. And there's =nothing=
that can 'prevent' such.


Which makes all efforts at
supposed 'secrecy' Sorrowfully-

If only one =only= Honors
['moves toward'] Truth, there's
=nothing= that can "trap" one.

['Course, folks who Dishonor
Truth can Kill one. And that's
usually a "show-stopper". But
so what? =Life= only Exists
to the degree that one is Free,
and Freedom only Exists to
the degree that one Honors

Better to Die having Lived
than to Die, anyway, without
ever having Lived, no?


And it's not so "cut-and-dried"
about folks who Dishonor
Truth being able to Kill one,
because it's right-there in Honor-
ing Truth that one comes to
understand about folks' tendencies
to Kill one. And, lo and behold,
one finds that Honoring Truth,
even while "looking in the eye"
of those who would Kill him,
is still the best thing that one can

Anyway, rather than imposing
'loyalty oaths' upon folks in the
Intelligence Community, just
Teach them to Honor Truth, and,
while you folks are at that, Learn
the same-stuff, yourselves.

You know?

It's Sorrowfully-'hillarious' that
you folks 'wonder' "why it's so
hard to lead", when, all the while,
all you're doing is 'moving away
from' Truth.

What do you "expect" to happen
if you're always so 'forcing' your-
selves to do anything =except=
what needs to be done? When
you're always 'just' locking-
yourselves-up in a Trap of your
own making?

The stuff that I've briefly discus-
sed in this post literally goes on
forever. I hope folks'll explore
it on their own. [Or, better yet,
let me come to you and we'll
explore it together, enjoying
some 'hours' of Joyous conver-
sation, during which we'll all

[As usual, I've worked, here, to
do what needs to be done, while
Guarding folks' Free Wills. If folks
don't understand, by now, I do
such by embedding a "kernal"
within a larger discussion that
"taps-into" folks "prejudices". In
this way, I say -- and do -- what
needs to be done while, simul-
taneously, making sure that folks'll
remain connected to their own
"counsel". It's necessary to work
in a way, if not exactly the same
as this, that's, nevertheless, like
it. This's be-cause TD E/I must
be maintained within the relatively
small range that actualizes "curiosity"
[AoK, Ap5], through folks' own
Choice [AoK, Ap7].]

K. P. Collins 

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