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| [...]
| It's not a "no-brainer". Honoring
| Truth can =only= occur as a result
| of Choice within on-going exper-
| ience, and, given a 'normally'-func-
| tioning nervous system, at any
| 'point' within one's experience,
| one's information-base [one's
| "experiential total" [AoK, Ap8]]
| will be less than it will be at the
| "next" 'point within one's experience.
| So, 'moving toward' Truth is never
| "constant", consisting, rather, of
| =always= Striving to 'move
| toward' Truth, and =always=
| Striving to 'back-out-of' False-
| hoods that become newly-rec-
| ognized as experience accum-
| ulates. The =Constancy= is in the
| always-Striving.
| Part of the Problem has been
| that, because the way in which
| nervous systems process informa-
| tion, via 'blindly'-automated
| TD E/I-minimization was not
| understood, within the prevailing
| "witch's brew" of Truth being,
| everywhere, routinely-Dishonored,
| rather than Recognizing that it's
| a Goodness to Correct Errors,
| folks've tended, strongly, to use
| occurrences of Errors-being-
| Acknowledged as "Weapons"
| with which to "beat folks over
| the head" -- usually, but not
| always, the one who Acknow-
| ledges a "mis-take".
| Such is =Deadly= to the going-
| forward of Humanity -- because
| it's as a "Trap" that constrains
| behavior, coercing it into the
| "inwardly-spiralling" interactive
| dynamics that are discussed in
| AoK, Ap8 -- and, when such
| is allowed to happen, =EVERY-
| THING= within it goes to
| [...]

There's a =lot=, above, that
needs further discussion, but
but I'm going to address one
correlated thing that's about as
Sorrow-filled as things can get.

For folks who have it, see the
discussion of what has been
referred to as "depression" in
AoK, Ap8.

The Sorrow-filled thing is that
what's been referred to as "de-
pression" is an =innate= bio-
logical mechanism that evolu-
tionary dynamics have 'engineered'
to enable the "backing-out-of-
mis-takes" to occur relatively

So, in our 'modern times', when
folks avail themselves of so-
called "anti-depressants", what
they're actually doing is mucking-
up the functioning of this innate
error-handling mechanism.

That so many folks've fallen-Victim
to a combination of the prevailing
Ignorance and 'slick marketing'
practice is why there's an easily-
observed ramping-up of folks
'just' 'denying' errors, instead of
Fixing them. [Folks should sat-
isfy themselves with respect to
this "ramping-up'. You know -- 
Test it. I already have.]

And the Sorrow-of-Sorrows
thing is that the 'higher' folks
get -- that is, the more 'influence'
they have within societal dyn-
amics -- the more-likely it is
that they'll have "shut-down"
their internal error-handling
mechanisms through resort to
so-called "anti-depressants".
So the very people whose
choices are of most conse-
quence tend to be the people
who are most-incapacitated
through their resort to "anti-

And, so, these folks' 'de-
cisions' tend to 'trap' =all=
of Society -- simply be-
cause these 'leaders' have shut-
down their innate abilities to
back-out of Errors.

And I'm not only talking about
Government Leaders. There's
a whole 'upper-crust" 'culture'
in which the use of so-called
"anti-depressants" has become
so rampant that these folks ex-
ert a 'leadership' influence that
Falsely conveys the 'message'
that Life is only about "feeling

[If anyone wants to Test =me=,
please do. I can spot folks so
'under-the-influence' fairly-
easily. They're on TV 'all the
time'. There's always an ob-
servable 'hole' in their overall
behavioral dynamics.]

Don't get me wrong. "Feeling
Good" is a worthy thing.

It's just that 'feeling good', while
Error just piles-up, unresolved,
within one's Being 'only' shunts
one's Being into a 'never-never-
land' of behavioral-inefficacy.

If this happens enough within
a [=any=] Society, it's Sufficient
to bring about the total Demise
of that Society. [Another Limit.]

On a lesser scale -- about the
scale of the ab-use of the in-
nate mechanism of "depression"
that has already come to exist in
'america', the commonplace ef-
fect is that 'leaders'-under-the-
influence of so-called "anti-de-
pressants" are rendered-unable
to actually Lead. And, of course,
when this happens, the problems
that result from Error being per-
sistently-carried-forward accum-
ulate, detrimentally.

The whole concept of "depression",
as it's existed is totally-Erroneous.
[And it's 'funny' that folks who
most-readily have access to so-
called "anti-depressants" are the
ones who most-actively Persist
this Error -- which is a case-in-
point re. the discussion, above.]

The concept of what's been re-
ferred to as "depression", sup-
posedly "constituting an illness"
became established in the midst
of the prevailing Ignorance with
respect to how and why nervous
systems process-information via
'blindly'-automated TD E/I-min-
imization -- most likely as a 'knee-
jerk', False 'extension' of Darwin's
work, in which folks contrived
to behave in ways that 'coincide'
with the concept of "fitness". So,
rather than actually Thinking -- 
rather than understanding the
experiential Losses that are
=ALWAYS= right-there, ob-
servable within the behavioral
dynamics of so-called "depressed"
folks, 'powerful' folks 'knee-jerk'
in ways that are literally, but Falsely,
Calculated ["Information Calculus",
AoK, Ap6; "False finitizations, AoK,
Ap4] to 'substantiate' =their own=

It'd be 'funny' if the Consequences
of such Verifiably-False 'diagnoses'
were not so Tragic.

You know? Ever since Darwin's
work was acclaimed as constituting
much more than Darwin ever claimed
it to be, "mis-takes" have become
ever-more 'out-lawed', to the detriment
of all of Humanity.

But, as is discussed in AoK, Ap8,
there =is= a Deadly-Inertia inherent
in this prevailing Falseness. This
=REQUIRES= this Error to be
backed-out-of with =EXTREME=

Note: It's the one-way flow of
energy, from order to disorder that
directs Evolutionary dynamics.
Darwin 'saw' this in the form of
much-higher-'level' biological pro-
cesses. And this Damnable "belief"
that there's some 'inbred-privilege'
that's correlated to so-called "fit-
ness", and which has resulted,
Tragically, in folks 'thinking' that
they 'must' 'cover-up' mis-takes,
rather than =Fixing= them -- so that
they can, 'supposedly', 'demonstrate'
their 'fitness' -- became Falsely-
established within Human interactive
dynamics -- to the Great-Detriment
of Humanity.

You know?

Only an Omniscient Being is Capable
of Inerrancy.

We Humans learn through experience,
via 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-mini-
mization as it is, briefly, but Sufficiently,
discussed in AoK.

You know?

=Stop= telling folks that they can't
do all that's inherent in "backing-out-
of mis-takes, and folks'll stop killing

Instead, Teach them about how
Beautifully the mechanism of "dep-
ression" acts on their behalfs, lit-
erally Holding them, Lovingly, and
Caring for their Beings, while they
are experiencing the "rendering
useless" [AoK, Ap8] of formerly-
accumulated learning ["biological
mass"], and inwardly-experiencing
the TD E/I(up) correlates that
=always= accompany such dis-
integration of stuff that formerly
allowed them to experience TD E/I-

Let them understand what's innate
within them instead of 'presuming'
that it's 'unfit', and 'needs to be
pharmaceutically-'excised' [Forgive
me, =Please=, as if you 'think' you're
some "Dr. Frankenstein", who can
'engineer' a fully-functional Human
Being from less than all of a Fully-
Functional Human Beings "parts".]

You know -- =Enable= folks' innate
Learning dynamics, rather than "guessing',
and only Destroying the Beautiful-
Functionality that's in-there, but not

These are Extremely-Serious matters.
Especially when 'drugs' are foisted-
upon Leaders. How can they =Lead=
when their nervous systems are so
mucked-up by Ignorant externally-
imposed 'engineering'?

You know?

[Further matter: I should have clarified
it earlier, but when I write of the pos-
sibility of my being Killed, I =have not=
been expressing "defeatist" stuff. All I've
been doing is, =KNOWING= that I had
to do some 'Difficult' stuff that would,
nevertheless, =have to= go-out-into the
midst of the prevailing Ignorance with
respect to nervous system function, has
been doing what I can to make it Harder
for folks who'd 'knee-jerk'-Kill-me to do

You know?

Why do folks 'think' that, for more than
a 'decade' I've been 'on-my-knees',
=PLEADING= that NDT's understanding
be allowed to be Published?

I wanted folks to have ready-access to
NDT's stuff =before= doing any of the
'Difficult' stuff that remained needing to
be done.

NDT's understanding Transforms every-
thing -- including 'Difficulty' -- into just-
comprehesnible stuff, and this is =very=
Useful with respect to lifting Humanity
up out of it's self-Ravaging.

But, Publication 'failing', I had to do
what needed to be done, anyway. So
I had to make it Harder for folks who
remain strongly-'blindly'-automated to
Kill me.

I've not been 'whining'-the-"poor-me's".

A while back, I was concerned about
my health. Was having chest pains that
I, then, 'presumed' were correlated to
a problem with my heart. I've still got
the pains, but -- you know -- I Test
=Everything=. So I purchased an in-
expensive exercise machine, and had
at it. Within a 'week', I was going on
that thing for more than two 'hours',
and could have stayed on it all 'day'
if I wanted to. So I dismissed my
concerns as having been False. The
pains probably result from the way
I have to sleep because my nose was
broken by an errant baseball when I
was a Little Leaguer :-]

When I write that my "end is in-view",
that's because it is -- as a result of the
fact that, for whatever 'reason', I've
been unable to acquire employment.
[Lots of funny stories about my job-
seeking -- like the job I applied for
as an overnight "Security Guard". That
one would've had me out in the New
England cold, on twelve-'hour' shifts.
I applied for that job because I'd
researched it, and had found that it'd
gone unfilled for a relatively long
'time'. So I thought I'd get it. But I
had to disclose my multiple 'arrests',
and that probably "turned them off".
You know -- I'm such an 'irrespon-
sible criminal'. Or maybe it's my
resume -- filled with technological
accomplishment that 'scares' folks
off. I don't Guess. All I know is
that I've not been able to acquire
employment, and, since one must
eat to stay-alive, but one cannot
eat without earning the $ to purchase
the food that'd sustain one, "my
end's in-view".

There're a =lot= of simarly-humorous
stories about my seeking-employment.
[Some real knee-slappers :-]

It does appear Ridiculous to me that
I've been 'unable' to acquire employ-
ment, and the hypothesis that I've
been Testing is that folks, knowing
the 'state' of my personal finances,
'thought' that they could induce me to
"cave" if they thwarted my attempts
to acquire employment.

That just will not happen.

I'll just sort of stop Honoring Truth
as my last breath passes from my

I was born in, raised in, educated in,
served in, the United States Military.

To me, it's all just my Duty.

The other thing is that it's really-Hard
for me to "beg", and that personal-
Difficulty kind of overflows my Being
when -- "gees 'louise'!", I have to
=beg= to be allowed to present a
Gift of Precious-Understanding to

To one who prefers to just =do=
what needs to be done, it's em-
barassing as hell to have to "beg".

And, not only on my own behalf.
I've understood that, if I over-
stepped the bounds of folks'
"sensibilities", that that'd tend to
induce folks to 'fear' ever becom-
ing "involved" in the coming-
forward of NDT's understanding,
and that that'd 'mean' that the
understanding would never be
generally-communicated. All this,
be-cause it's in the "status quo"
that others have 'veto-power'
with respect to stuff like NDT.
[Another thing that's Ridiculous
from my end of things :-]

Anyway, I've known, for 'decades',
about the need to take-care-of
the stuff I'm taking-care-of in this

So I decided to do it while I've
still the means to feed myself.

Enough "explanation"?]

One more thing. A couple of
'years' back, I said that every-
thing's been communicated
here in b.n [and in other on-
line 'places']. But that state-
ment was mis-taken. [I was,
then, tired-out.]

Both NDT and TH have
continued to grow ex-
plosively. Honestly, there's
as much in-them as there
has been in all other Published

Hold me to that Assertion, and
be Merciless with me if I Fail
to Sustain it.

I won't so-Fail -- if anyone
ever gives this work an oppor-
tunity. But, with Sorrow, I've
realized that I have to hold
discussion of further newness for
in-person communication -- 
be-cause it's been so obvious
to me that 'powerful' folks've
been ab-using stuff I'd already
discussed. [Which is the main
thing that I'm working to Defuse
in this thread. I'm =NOT= "out
to trash folks". My Purpose
has been, and remains, just-
the-opposite stuff -- just-the-
opposite of "trashing folks" -- 
on behalf of =everyone=.]

But, as things stand, if I were
to give more to these folks, then
I'd be Culpable in their ab-use
of it.

That won't happen. [In this, I
also follow the Example of Jesus.
Guarding Free Will, the =Hard=
'way', but Guarding Free Will, still,
be-cause Free Will only Exists to
the degree that it is, in fact,

So, if folks want the rest, someone's
got to Stand-Up and receive it,
right in the light of 'day'. [Open
to the Public. Everything Securely-
Documented. No 'secrets'.]

K. P. Collins 

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