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| [...]
| Honoring-Truth is so Powerful,
| it's a Sorrow that Dishonoring
| ['moving away from'] Truth has
| come to be so commonplace.
| Everywhere one looks, just
| about all one sees are folks
| 'living'-Trapped be-cause
| they've 'stumbled' into False-
| hood from which they 'think'
| they "cannot" extract their
| Beings -- routinely 'assisted'
| in so 'thinking' by all around
| them -- when all they have to
| do is =BEGIN= to Honor
| Truth Constantly, and they'll
| find themselves able to "walk
| right through the walls" of what
| they 'thought' was their "trap".
| ['Course, be-cause of the pre-
| vailing Rampant Dishonoring
| of Truth, it'll be some "lonely"
| Freedom :-] But it's =Freedom=,
| True, Shining-Bright Freedom.
| And that's the best-possible
| stuff in which to experience
| Life.

"it'll be some "lonely" Freedom :-]"

What's that all about?

Who =wants= to be "lonely"?

I expect, no one.

But see, sometimes one sees
stuff, within "the status quo",
that's 'just' Detrimental to Life.
And yet,

[1] be-cause of the way nervous
systems process information,
via 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-
minimization, and

[2] be-cause of the prevailing
absence-of-understanding with
respect to the way nervous sys-
tems process information via
'blindly'-automated TD E/I-min-
imization, folks 'just', 'blindly'
and automatically become what
they experience, 'thinking' that
which =they= have experienced
is "good" -- 

[3] be-cause that which they
have experienced will have
become that which is relatively
most-TD E/I-minimized within
their nervous systems

[4] be-cause, given =ANY=
experiential stuff, all nervous
systems do is to 'just' "whittle"
[example: AoK, Ap5; "hippo-
campus"] =any= and =all=
neural activation that occurs
within them down to TD E/I-
minima, as much as they can.
[These TD E/I-minimizations
need =all= of AoK for their
simplest-possible 'compre-
hension', but the above is a
"one-liner" that addresses =all=
that occurs within nervous sys-

[5] be-cause of this, =no matter
what it is=, that which has merely
been experienced relatively-often
will tend, strongly, to be exper-
ienced as being 'correct'. It's

[6] be-cause of this that, when
one sees stuff, within "the status
quo", that's 'just' Detrimental to
Life, and endeavors to do some-
thing to Fix what's broken, in-

[7] be-cause, one has to behave
in one, or more, ways that are
not, yet, within others' experi-

[8] be-cause, if one is going to
"Fix" something, to do so requires
one to behave in ways that change
the nature of whatever it is that
needs Fixing --

[9] be-cause, if one doesn't so
behave in ways that change the
nature of what needs Fixing, the
thing that needs Fixing remains
unchanged -- remains Broken

[10 [refers-back to [7]]] be-
cause one's behaving in ways
that are not, yet, within others'
experiences, others' nervous
systems will not have, yet, had
opportunity to do the only thing
that they do -- 'blindly' and
automatically minimize TD E/I
within themselves -- with spec-
ific respect to the neural activa-
tion that occurs within them
when their sensory activation
is driven by the changed ways
in which the one who's Fixing
what needs Fixing behaves.
It is

[11] be-cause of =this= that
folks' nervous systems tend,
strongly, to converge upon
TD E/I-minimized 'states' of
neural activation which will
result in their 'moving away
from' the 'unfamiliar' "stimulus',
either physically or "psycholo-

[12] And that's =why= it'll be
some "lonely" Freedom :-]


When folks don't understand
how, and why, nervous systems
process information via 'blindly'-
automated TD E/I-minimization,
all they do is 'blindly' and auto-
matically "ride" the TD E/I-
minimization dynamics that
'blindly' and automatically occur
within their nervous systems.

Get it?

And the Exceedingly-Sorrowful
Consequence of this absence-of-
understanding is that folks are
'blindly' and automatically [literally]
=attracted= to the stuff that's merely
relatively 'blindly' and automatically
TD E/I-minimized within their nerv-
ous systems =EVEN WHEN

This is =WHY= anyone who
endeavors to Fix what's needs
Fixing gets 'beaten-up' by all
around her or him -- why it'll
be some "lonely" Freedom -- 
at least for 'a while' [until the
"changed ways" manifested by
the one doing the Fixing of what
needs Fixing are experienced
enough by others that the others'
nervous systems are able to
achieve TD E/I-minimization
with respect to the "changed

What's 'Difficult' about NDT's
stuff is that NDT changes every-
thing, and Fixes everything that
needs Fixing, all at once

[13] be-cause NDT's stuff en-
ables folks to understand how
'blindly'-automated TD E/I-
minimization 'blindly' and auto-

[14] causes them to behave in
ways that are Detrimental to
Life and Living.

Once this one "tragic flaw"
[AoK, Ap4] is replaced by
"understanding" [by converg-
ence upon TD E/I-minimized
neural activation 'states' within
folks' nervous systems], folks
literally become =FREE= of
the 'blindly'-automated ['reflex']
'moving away from'-'moving
away from' that which is
Detrimental to Life and Living.

Get it?

I've deliberately written the
above in a "cumbersome",
self-centric way because, if one
is to get it, it's necessary to
work-it-through like an
"abstract problem"

[15] be-cause it's Thought can-
not even be thought =until=
some TD E/I-minimization occurs
within the nervous system of
anyone who would understand

Get it?

[I've used myself as the "lab
animal" so that folks won't be
introspective with respect to
themselves. Use "me" as the
"lab rat", not yourself. Until
you get it.]

You won't "feel" the Worth of
understanding "how nervous
systems process information
via 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-
minimization" until you work
some "exercise", like the one
above, sufficiently to establish
a TD E/I-minimized neural act-
ivation 'state' with respect to

Until that happens, the "exercise",
above, will seem "non-sensical",
and you'll tend to 'just' 'move
away from' it.

But, if you do that, you'll not
come to understand how nervous
systems process information via
'blindly'-automated TD E/I-mini-
mization, and you'll go right on
being "bounced-around" upon
the 'whims' of what's 'blindly'-
automated within you.

Get it?

What I'm giving you is a "world"
that's as far-advanced from what
has been the 'state' of Humanity"
as that 'state' has been advanced-
from the Animals.

You know?

You can't See it until you get-

But it's =really= Worth the work
entailed in getting-"there".

You "won't believe" what you
can See when you do get-"there".

I can't even describe it to you
until you do.

You will See =EVERYTHING=.

It's =Exactly= as Jesus Taught:
"Truth shall set you free".

It does. And there's =nothing=
that can 'prevent' such.


'Course, there's a Choice, in-

Folks can 'choose' to continue
to 'move away from' Truth.

You know -- folks can continue
to 'move toward' stuff like War,
Hatred, self-Ravaging [making
a Mockery out of The Constitution
Of The United States Of America,
Lying, Cheating, Stealing, virtually
Imprisoning =everyone= on the
face of the planet ["yeah, sure"],
etc., all in ways that wreak-Havoc
upon Humanity.]

You know -- all that old, long-
since-'familiar' [long-since merely-
TD E/I-minimized] stuff that's
been 'blindly' and automatically
handed-down to -- coerced upon --
each new generation of Children,
beginning [Sorrowfully!] in Infancy,

[16] 'be-cause' "everyone knows
about 'man's inhumanity to man',
and that's just human nature, and
there's nothing that can be done
about that."

And folks can continue to blame
everything of 'genes' [even though
the concept of "gene" is Verifiably-

But, if that will be your 'choice',
then all that's happening within
your Being is that, given "Light",
you'll have, 'blindly' and automat-
ically 'moved away from' the

And what's Sorrowfully-'hilarious'
about that is that you'll, then,
continue to 'blindly' and automat-
ically Kill others, and

[17] be-cause you are, 'blindly
and automatically others will
'blindly' and automatically Kill
you right-back. Ad Infinitum,
until the Limit of monotonically-
increasing populations-wide
TD E/I and weapons-systems'
is reached, and, then, Humanity
will End.

You know?

Why not just =do= the work
inherent in becoming Fully-Human?

You know -- instead of existing
without ever having actually Lived,

[18] be-cause, given the opportunity
to understand your 'heart', you
'chose' to continue-on, 'blindly'-


Killing has =always= been Illogical.

It doesn't Compute.

Killing Kills 'because' Killing Kills :-]

'blind'-automation does what 'blind'-
automation does.

So, if you leave the 'blind'-automation
in-there, that leaves you Killing your
own Image because it's literally You.

Think about it.

You've had ~2000 'years' already.

You should be getting it by 'now'.

Work the exercise above, under-
stand each numbered "cause".

All you need [to get your first
grasp] is in the "Automation of
Knowing..." ms. [AoK], and the
Work that's been done by my
Colleagues in Neuroscience as
it's cited in AoK [or any =col-
lection= of introductory Neuro-
science Textbooks [study as
many as you can. One is =never=
sufficient be-cause each Author
is sharing her or his individually-
unique take on 'neuroscience'.]

There are =many= aids to
understanding "TD", all
worked-through, in AoK.

Think of the "TD" in "TD E/I"
as a map that's sort of glued
in your skull, and which forms
a sort of "sphere" in which
mapped so that your body
will always 'move away from'
simple-'hot'-stuff -- start by
thinking about your hand's
motions in the proximity of a
candle's flame.

=Catch= 'fire'.

But don't allow yourself to
be 'burned'.

You know -- work, but be
gentle with yourself.

Little by little, if you just
work through the numbered
"causes", above, being patient,
doing the work inherent in under-
standing each one, there'll come
a 'day' when you'll get it.

[I'd so like to be-there, with-you,
when it happens.]

Our Children Deserve this
from us.

=We all= Deserve it.

The Future Deserves it.

To Hell with War.

k. p. collins 

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