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| [...]
| Instead, Teach them about how
| Beautifully the mechanism of "dep-
| ression" acts on their behalfs, lit-
| erally Holding them, Lovingly, and
| Caring for their Beings, while they
| are experiencing the "rendering
| useless" [AoK, Ap8] of formerly-
| accumulated learning ["biological
| mass"], and inwardly-experiencing
| the TD E/I(up) correlates that
| =always= accompany such dis-
| integration of stuff that formerly
| allowed them to experience TD E/I-
| minimization.
| [...]


Due to a 'blunder' on my part, my
internet machine has become tot-
ally-compromised -- right down
to the BIOS.

It sits-there, once capable of
wonderous stuff, but, 'now', as
only a pile of 'scrap' -- totally,
and forever Worthless.

I'm writing about it to "mark" it,
and to protest the Theft, inherent.

It was my use of a Commercial
'product' that inflicted the loss.

I =paid= to allow my machine
to be destroyed :-]

The more 'modern' 'computing'
becomes, the more-Worthless
it, simultaneously, becomes.

With respect to my earlier dis-
cussion, linked-to above, there's
some worth in discussing this
Loss that I've experienced.

I "mourned" briefly, and =backed-
out= of the Loss, salvaging that
which has become newly-

It was the 'portion' of NDT's stuff
that I discussed in the post linked-
to above, that enabled me to guick-
ly 'discard' the stuff of my 'blunder',
and to, finding myself with a lot of
'lemons", make "lemonade".

Get it?

I'll discuss it, more -- in a different
context -- in a follow-up to another
msg I posted last 'night'.

Take, from this post, and the pre-
ceding post, linked-to above, the
example of how functional it is to
understand the mechanism of what
has, formerly, been referred to as

When one experiences "Loss", it
Hurts be-cause what one actually
Looses is the correlated TD E/I-
minimization dynamics that were,
formerly, acquired at relatively-
great cost of doing information-
processing Work.

As a result of this "rendering use-
less" [AoK, Ap8] of formerly-
functional "biological mass"
[AoK, Ap5, but, there, inade-
quately-discussed], TD E/I(up)
occurs within one's nervous sys-
tem because, since the formerly-
"finitized" [AoK, Ap4] neural
dynamics have been "rendered
useless", TD E/I-minimization
can no longer occur in ways that
are strongly-dependent upon
them. So, what happens within
one's nervous system is that
TD E/I goes relatively-'random',
and one is thrust into the "zone
of randomness" [AoK, Ap4],
which, if how and why nervous
systems process information
via 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-
minimization is not understood,
is always 'scary'. This 'scariness'
tends, always, to "prime" the
"low-'level' amygdalar "super-
system configuration" mechan-
ism [AoK, Ap5], which pre-
pares one's nervous system
for the manifestation of "fight/
flight" behaviors.

But, when one understands
[to the 'level' that's given in AoK]
how and why nervous systems
process information via 'blindly'-
automated TD E/I-minimization,
while the Loss -- the "rendering
useless" -- inherent is not, some
how, 'magically' eliminated -- 
it's =still= experienced in all of
its Savagery -- instead of be-
coming 'scared', one under-
stands what's hapening within
one's Being, and sees the Options
that have become newly-available
to one.

In the instance of Loss that I'm
discussing, what I Chose to
See was that the TD E/I(up)
that was imposed within my
nervous system included some
very-useful stuff -- the stuff out
of which new understanding can
be constructed -- "raw materials"
that can be fabricated into new

And that's exactly what I did.

More Broken stuff that needs
Fixing, and my "Loss" gave me
the stuff one needs to Fix it.

Life is like this -- a "bed of
roses", "thorns" and all.

The thing to do with the "thorns"
is to understand their "goosing-
ness", and enable that to lift
one up into Benevolent Action.

Get it?

NDT's understanding eliminates
all the "hemming and hawing"
that would, otherwise, leave
one, for a 'time', incapacitated.

"Lemons" are good for making

"Thorns' " "goosing-ness" is
good because it stimulates ac-

NDT's understanding is good
be-cause it enables Choice
within what would, absent it,
leave one at the 'mercy' of
external 'forces'.

Get it?

A counter-'example', that I
expect, by 'now', many folks
will have witnessed, via their
own media-bourn eyes, was
'yesterday's behavioral-ex-
plosion in an NBA Basket-
ball Arena.

If the Players and Fans had
received the opportunity to
Learn NDT's understanding,
those Sorrowful dynamics
would 'just' not have occurred.

You know?

Rather than communicating
Truth, Media seek 'profits'
by 'communicating' Behav-

That's the =Ancient= 'way'
against which NDT's stuff

It's 'funny' -- the way one
can look-right-into folks'
nervous systems, Seeing
all of the stuff that I discussed
in another post just last
'night' -- folks being, literally,
Attracted to stuff that's
Detrimental to Humanity -- 
being able to, literally, map
all of the Directionality that's
inherent in this Attraction.

What's 'funny' is that, if folks
don't carry NDT's stuff within
their Beings, they can't even
See all of this stuff that's right-
there, plain-as-day-to-See.

But, when one understands
NDT's stuff, one also Sees
that the Savagery, inherent in
stuff like this Savagery in a
Sporting Arena is entirely
'blindly'-automated, and that
it's the Same-Stuff that under-
pins War -- and Terrorism -- 
the Same-Stuff, within folks'
'hearts', that, when left un-
comprehended, Ravages

And the 'department of
defense' can 'think' of nothing
other to do with Truth that
Eliminates all such Savagery
than to keep-it-'secret', and
'covet' it, so that it can build
'weapons'-systems out of it,
even though it, Rightfully, be-
longs to the Children.

Have I been "goosed" to make
enough "lemonade" to go-around
to everyone attached to this

k. p. collins

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