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| [...]
| You "won't believe" what you
| can See when you do get-"there".
| I can't even describe it to you
| until you do.
| You will See =EVERYTHING=.
| [...]

On "seeing everything":

There's no 'magic' in-it. One doesn't
"See" stuff that one doesn't ex-

But, within what one experiences,
one =can= See as far as one
=Chooses= to See, See?

There's no 'magic' in Seeing. Do-
ing so is dependent upon the
work that one does.

Work more, See more.

And, be-cause of the way the
Media are =working= to ever-
increase the quantity of informa-
tion that folks, all over the place,
can experience through Media's
eyes, although there's an Infinity
that can be the subject of See-
ing, more and more, all of Human
interactive dynamics can literally
be experienced by more and
more people.

One does not have to be physically
in another's presence to See what's
in the others 'heart'.

Get it?

Ability to See goes way-beyond
what's explicitly reported by the

Groupwise interactive dynamics
=always= disclose the collective-
'heart' of the "group" -- be-cause
the collective behavioral dynamics
always directly reflect individuals'
TD E/I-minimizations with respect
to the groupwise TD E/I-minimization
that's being reported.

And, to the degree that one is
willing [AoK, Ap7; "volitional
diminishing-returns decision"] to
do work, one can See as far into
things that one experiences as
one Chooses to.

Get it?

I wasn't talking about "Omniscience".

I was talking about Seeing everything
that's right-there to See.


| It's =Exactly= as Jesus Taught:
| "Truth shall set you free".
| It does. And there's =nothing=
| that can 'prevent' such.
| =Nothing=.
| 'Course, there's a Choice, in-
| herent.
| [...]

What I'm working-toward in
these discussions of "Seeing" is

[1] There's the 'blindness' that
derives, 'blindly' and automatically,
in the way that nervous systems
process information via 'blindly'-
automated TD E/I-minimization.

[2] There's "presumptory 'blind-
ness' ", in which folks 'presume'
that, 'because' folks are, 'presum-
ably' "not present" when 'pre-
sumed-secret' stuff is said and
done, that the folks who are not
"present" 'cannot', nevertheless,
See the stuff that is 'presumed'
to 'be secret'. [A =lot= of this
is happening within contemp-
oraneous 'american government',
to the Detriment of all of Humanity.]

[3] There's the 'blindness' that
results, Simply, from the fact
that physical reality is both in-
finitely-divisible and, 'presumably',
Infinite in extent. [The last thing
is not a "show-stopper", but just
an Invitation to get-Busy Discover-

Having studied how self-imposed
'blindness' wreaks-Havoc in all
aspects of Human interactive
dynamics, in these discussions
of "Seeing", I'm just doing some
of the work that's inherent in
Eliminating the 'blindness'.

If folks look, they'll see that all
of the stuff I've been posting in
this online 'life' is tightly-integrated
toward that end.

In that tight-integration, I'm still
working to Eliminate 'blindness' -- 
going "here" and "there" within
stuff that contributes to the over-
all 'blindness'.

What I See that I'd actually
like to share with folks is much
more than what makes it into
the msgs I post.

It's as a "flood", though, and
all I can do is toss bits and
pieces of what's in the "flood"
out to folks, in this post or
that, while I'm experiencing
the "flood".

It's why I'm discussing "Seeing".

There's so much in-there, the
only practical thing to do is to
Teach folks how to See for

So that's the goal toward which
I'm working in this online 'life'.


k. p. collins

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