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| [...]
| Due to a 'blunder' on my part, my
| internet machine has become tot-
| ally-compromised -- right down
| to the BIOS.


I'm not, yet, certain that the attack
extended into the BIOS of my
inet PC. I'm =presuming= it
did, because that's what's hap-
pened [Verifiably] in the past.

Anyway, it's 'hilarious' that the
folks, who do this sort of Theft
of the functionality of these
machines, into which folks
routinely invest thousands of
dollars, 'think' that what they
do is "invisible".

I admit, I'm an "extreme" case,
but I =Know= all of my machines
base behaviors like I Know
the functionalities of my own
hands. So, when the least
divergence from that base
functionality occurs, I See it,

Others, who "love" their
machines, too, must similarly
note such changes in their

Yet, these folks who do this
Theft of functionality 'think'
what they do is "invisible"?

"Yeah, sure."

What's Sorrowfully-'hil-
arious' is that, over the long
term, the thing that they'll
'accomplish', most, will be
the demise of the personal-
Computer Industry.

"R. I. P.

It Died of having shot it-
self in the foot."

Stuff like this happens be-
cause Students go to col-
lege, master a bit of coding
technique, but never Learn
to See.

So they take their coding
'expertise', and "do anything",
including Theft, perpetrating
Fraud, and, literally, bring-
ing-down the Industry that
pays them.

So, See? It's =Important=
to Teach Students to See.

Anyway, I'm in a mellow
mood. A while back, I
cued up my =Colors of
the Day= Album, by
Judy Collins. [I like to
wonder if we're related :-]

Her Music is so soul-
searching -- just a Perfect
"container" for the "aching"
that's been welling-up,
within me, because I'm do-
ing 'Difficult' stuff these
'days'. The "aching" is,
literally, an experiential-
measure of TD E/I's in-
creasing, within. ["Meas-
ured" within the counter-
balancing prefrontal "meta-
phases" as they are dis-
cussed in AoK, Ap7.]

The "aching" builds be-
cause I understand that
what I'm doing will be
received, by most folks,
as a 'Hurtfulness'.

Try to imagine -- my
Purpose is just-the-op-
posite of that. So it's
Hard understanding that,
before the "sun shines",
it'll be a "rainy season",
in folks 'hearts'. [This
"problem" goes-away
when two, or more,
people share NDT's under-
standing, BTW. NDT's
understanding doesn't
diminish the "nuts-and-
bolts" work of the inform-
ation processing that's in-
herent -- but it does elim-
inate the "Hurting", and
the information-processing
work that's inherent in the
"Hurting". Folks who share
NDT's understanding just
"get-beyond" the "Hurting".
It's one of the nifty things
about NDT's stuff.]

It's even Harder, for my-
self, than it is to just
'stand-back' and watch
folks' 'daily' efforts to

I can deal with the 'stand-
ing-back' stuff -- 'cause
it's all just 'funny' to me.
[It's as above. I have, and
use, the understanding in
my commonplace affairs.]

But something always
happens that calls me to-

This 'time' it was a Child,
and his Brother -- the
Sons of a single-Mother
who's fighting the Good-
Fight on their behalves -- 
who moved-in across the
street a while back. These
Children are so Intelligent,
and the older one Cares
so well for his little Brother,
who I Honestly believe is
a Genius. [Goes around, all
bright and sunny, but hardly
ever talking, and obviously,
looking-deeply into, and tak-
ing-pleasure in =everything=.
It's such a Joy to observe
him, in his "Studies".]

A while back, wanting to
"Remember" when I used
to do so regularly, I took
these Kids, and a couple
of their Friends to a local
store, and bought some
toys for them. *

That was before they knew
I was out of work, and
they took it a bit hard when
I had to tell them it was only
a one-'time' thing.

Now, every 'time' the older
one sees me, he asks me if
I've gotten a job yet. :-]

He lifted-me-up to doing
what needs to be done.

I was over there, earlier this
'night', because I'd asked
his Mother to get me a ticket
to the "town hall meeting"
that Bill Cosby is holding for
folks in Springfield. Mr. Cosby
has been taking an active role
on behalf of the Children here,
and elsewhere. I want to
attend -- want to give him my
support in his efforts to lift
folks up.

The tickets are given-out in
School, and I asked the Mother
to see if she could get one for

She asked, "Is nine o'clock OK?"

I explained that it would be be-
cause I'd "be up all night, work-
ing", and the older Child asked,
excitedly, "You've got a job?!"


How do you tell a Child that
you work but don't get paid?

I tried, but left him disappointed.

So, during this 'night's work,
it's Judy Collins to the "rescue" :-]

It's 'funny' how this stuff works.
=Good= 'funny'.

Artists capture our Sorrows,
and lift us up above them.

Sort of a "crying-out of the

Judy Collins: "My Father
always promised us that we
would live in France."

But seems, if I'm listening
correctly, that didn't work-
out -- just like my inability
to nurture the dreams of the
Kids across the street.

It's 'funny' how 'life' grinds
dreams to dust, yet, every-
one 'just' "accepts" that,
'pretending' that it's not so.

I've studied that 'pretending',
a =lot=. It's all 'just' more
TD E/I-minimization -- 
"volitional diminishing-returns
decision" threshold-stuff as it's
discussed in AoK, Ap7.

It's a =literal=, iv not visual,
Blindness that nervous sys-
tems inflict with-in themselves -- 
"blanks-out" the 'Hard' stuff,
so that folks can just grind-
through their 'days'.

'blind'-automation, perpet-
uating 'blind'-automation

See? It =is= 'funny' :-]

But, Sorrowfully -- be-
cause, as a Consequence
of its 'blanking-out' stuff,
which was a bit 'functional'
when there was no way
around the prevailing ab-
when the means to com-
pletely-escape the dictates
of Abstract Ignorance, is
presented to folks, this in-
ternal 'blanker-outer' goes
right on 'blanking-out' the
way out of the 'darkness'
in which Humanity has

Judy Collins:
"Amazing Grace!
How sweet the sound,
That saved a wretch like me.
I once was lost, but now I'm
Was blind, but now I see."


* [Why I like to do this is
simple. My Dad, the eldest
of nine Children, had to go
to work to help support his
birth Family when he was
still a Child. He never had a
Childhood, so he wasn't
much on "toys". So when I
got my paper route, I just
felt the thing to do was to
buy toys for the neighbor-
hood Kids, and I just kept
on doing it, mostly with
"strangers" -- usually a Child
kind of looking-longingly at
a toy in a toystore. [If there
are any Rich folks reading
this, I encourage you folks
to give doing this a try. Put
on a disguise so you won't
be hounded by the 'ratsies',
and just go out, looking for
opportunities to buy a Child
a toy. Don't do it indiscrim-
inantly. Part of doing it right
is seeking out the Child who
will not, otherwise, have any
decent toys. You can spot
them, every now and then, in
toy-stores. They always do this
looking-longingly, but always
walking-out of the stores em-
pty-handed. Sometimes, you
see their Parents with them.
They bring their Children into
toystores, but can only afford
some cheap plastic thing that'll
last about a 'minute' after
it's unwrapped. Try it, and,
if your eyes don't "glisten" -- 
if you don't feel an inner-Joy -- 
then give me the "rasberries".
It's the best-stuff I've ever

Don't get me wrong. My
Dad was Strong and True
to our Family. He just didn't
understand about "toys". It's,
basically, why I do most of
what I do. Saw Dad's Suf-
fering, and how it came-about,
and Decided "the whole ball-
of-wax" needed-Fixing -- I
mean how it happens.

Basically, it's the wellspring
of NDT.

It's why I'm still Mourning
his Loss, and probably will,
while there's Life in-me.

I don't "owe" anybody this
explanation, but, since I'm
aware that some 'read' un-
toward' stuff into my Love
for the Children, I've also
been long-aware that I
"must' set these folks straight.

And I want some other folks
to understand the "Fire" that
burns-within. Bringing NDT's
understanding forward is
Important to me. Cannot-
allow-myself-to-Fail Im-
portant. And folks who're
'messing-around [offline]
should find Admonishment,
enough, in-that.

I'm not "kidding" when I say
that I intend to Slay "the beast",
on behalf of the Children -- 
=all= Children, =everywhere=.

To "normal" folks: I'm =Sorry=
about having to do this stuff
which, I understand, can only
seem "strange" to you.

I have to tell these folks "the
score", and this's the only way
of doing that that's 'open' to
me. They're 'afraid' of what
I'm doing -- mostly be-cause
they spend so much 'time' just
being-'blind' -- but, in the end,
they'll receive NDT's stuff, too,
and, to them, it'll be a bigger
Gift, besides -- this Elimination
of Abstract Ignorance that has
so Ravaged their Beings, and,
through their 'choices', the rest
of us "normal" folks.]

It may be the case that I'm
"done" with what I can do in
this online 'life'.

You know -- can't exceed the
TD E/I "speed-limit".

Another =Limit= that it's useful
to understand -- useful to See.

It's discussed, quite-adequately,
in AoK, Ap5 -- hippocampus
and amygdala "supersystem
configuration" dynamics. It's
higher-'level' stuff is discussed
in Ap7.

Been right-there all along, and
nobody's Seen it?

Forgive me. The 'time' for See-
ing has come.

I mean, I've been "riding" that
Limit, on your behalfs, for these
14 'years', and the "meta"-stuff
is surely happening within your

Look and See.

It should be "crystalizing".

Think it's Thought.

Flap-those-wings and "fly"!

Love, ken 

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