On Secret-Santa-ing

kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Tue Nov 23 05:30:16 EST 2004

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| [...]
[If there
| are any Rich folks reading
| this, I encourage you folks
| to give doing this a try. Put
| on a disguise so you won't
| be hounded by the 'ratsies',
| and just go out, looking for
| opportunities to buy a Child
| a toy.
| [...]

One more, =IMPORTANT=

Just do it, and don't "hang-around".

Be gentle. It's OK to Smile a big-
Smile. But then just slip-away. If
the Child's Parents are there, take
Care not to embarass them. Just
tell them that you do it all the time,
and then just slip-away. Don't
'linger'. Just really be gone, and
let what you've done take care of

If you 'hang-around', that "spoils"
it, 'cause, then "you" become 'more-
important' than the Child.



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