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1/10,000th would've done it.

With Forthright follow-up.

Would've kept the oil flowing,
induced Business to flourish,
won 'hearts' in Iraq and else-
where, isolated the Terrorists,
rather than unify them, and,
in-general, have given Reason
to Think Thoughts that need to
be Thought.

Iraqi: "Why did you do this?"

American: "Well, we want
to have Peaceful relations
with the People of Iraq, but
we are so far apart culturally,
we thought doing this would
allow folks to see that, if we
only begin to Care for our
Children, we'll be able to
Care, more and more about
everything that needs to be
done to build a bridge of
understanding between our

Whether folks "like it", or not,
this sort of thing is what will,
sooner or later, be Necessary.

Sorry if =Caring= isn't as
'macho' as bombs, but it
actually =does= what needs to
be done.


[This, too, is all Neuroscience.]

k. p. collins

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