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| What if, say 1/10th of the Taxpayer's
| money that's gone into the War in
| Iraq had, been sent, as toys, to the
| Children of Iraq -- =instead= of the
| War.
| Seems to me that that would have
| done everything that anyone wanted
| to happen. [Well, maybe not the
| 'profit'-seekers, but who cares about
| what =they= want?]

Objector: "Ken, that's just wrong-
headed. The "profits" you so dis-
dain are what makes business

First, I do not "disdain" Profits.

I just Disdain folks' committing
Slaughter, and calling it 'profits'.

Business that has Caring in its
'heart' will pave-the-way to
Profits, all-around.

It's Sorrowfully-'hilarious'.

Where's the "profits" in War?

I mean, look at the world's
economic dynamics as I write.

Look at where the Profits are
flowing, with respect to who
it is that's waging War, and
who it is that's waging Peace.
[I don't count :-]

It's cut-and-dried.

It's what Jesus was talking
about when He said, "He who
lives by the sword, dies by the

He wasn't "kidding".

Profits, and what they make-
possible,  are in =Caring=, not

Anyway, what got me thinking
about "toys" was an idea for
a really-good toy that I had
a couple of 'weeks' back.

I was going to take the idea to
a local toy company, but, I've
been there multiple times be-
fore, with no success, so I'll
just put it into the Public Domain.

I'd been to one of those stores
that specialize in "surplus" stuff.

Needed some facial tissue [be-
cause the toothpaste I use [and
like] makes my nose run every
'time' I brush my teeth :-]

While I was there, I came ac-
ross a tiny-little "John Deer
744H". In real life, it's a big

I like payloaders, because
I used to play with my Cousins'
as a Child, and, because, back
when I was at my last insurance
company job, I used a presenta-
tion program to 'draw' on a "pay-
loader" clipart. Had the letters,
"P", "R", "E", "J", "U", "D", "I",
"C", "E" dangling on "cables"
from the payloader's bucket,
which was in an elevated pos-

"Heavy Lifting."

[BTW, I did it in my spare 'time',
and was working =many= 'hours'
of unpaid over-'time' because I
was a database administrator,
and Chose to do the DB's main-
tenance during off-'hours', so that
it'd always be up-and-running
during regular work 'hours'. So
I wasn't "taking liberties".]

I liked the result. Detailed it
pretty-good. Clouds of "dust",
and all. And sufficient "dirt" :-]

Then, one 'day', it just 'dis-
appeared' from my workplace
machine. Then a 'memo' came
around about "non-standard"
stuff, or something like that.

I've missed-it ever since.

So, when I came across this
miniature payloader, it tugged-
my-heart a bit, and I bought

$2.00. It's only a couple of
inches long. A bit more if the
bucket is laid-down. And it's
=really= well-done, given it's

Ever since, it's been sitting
on one of my monitors, with
its bucket in an elevated pos-
ition -- just like in the present-
ation thing.

"Heavy Lifting."

I play with it every once in
a 'while' [making "motor" sounds
and all :-], and, as I did, I re-
called seeing some miniature
radio-controlled [R/C] cars.

I thought, wouldn't it be great
if this payloader was R/C?

And the thought just kept
growing in-me. What's hydraulic
in a real payloader could be
rendered-functional in a mini-
ature by using finely-threaded
stock that'd embody the simple
machine, the screw. It'd look
close-enough to the hydraulic
actions of the real thing.

And I 'built', and 'played' with it,
in my imagination, and had so
much Fun doing so that I knew
that there'd be a Market for it.

Think about it.

A company could sell the whole
kit -- construction "land-sites",
fake dirt that'd be engineered
to be spill-friendly [easily vac-
uumed], etc.

Add other miniature construction
vehicles -- dump trucks, graders,
cranes, forklifts, trailer trucks, etc.
add a line of buildings and stuff
like girders and lumber, etc.

It's all a natural.

Keep the scale right, and model
railroaders will scoop it up. The
R/C will add a whole dimension to
their layouts.

Miniature stuff that's of relatively
high quality, as these construction
miniatures would have to be, would
be relatively-expensive, and that'd
probably render them unmarketable
in the usual toy market.

But what I had in-mind was a coffee-
table "construction site" that folks
could turn to to gain respite, and
diversion, in the midst of their
stressful endeavors.

You know -- get-your-mind-"unstuck"

And, if these miniature R/C construc-
tion vehicles were done right, they'd
do exactly that.

It's the "metaphore" -- "always building" -- 
that'd fit right into environments where
creative folks work, and =help= them
"drop-out", but remain-connected to
the general goal of "always building" -- 
always making-something-out-of-

Anyway, if I had the money, I'd
"hack" a bunch of those miniature
R/C cars and build my own R/C
payloader and dump truck.

The things'd actually do =work= in
the fake dirt. Build a road. Push up
a pile of stuff. Load a truck. Drive
the truck over-there, Dump its load.
drive it back to get filled-up again.
Drive the payloader up onto a trailer,
then drive the trailer truck away. Etc.

Give them good suspensions. Sus-
spension systems are important
for realism -- the wheels of a
dump truck, for instance, have
to "bogey" and not dangle in the

And all the 'while' one is so 'playing'
what's actually happening is Seeing-

How to go from "nothing" to

And, as "abstract" as the miniaturized
'world' would be, that same meta-
phore would be carrying right over
to the creative work that's being

Anyway, I'll bet the folks who manu-
facture those miniature R/C cars
could make a go of these miniatur-
ized R/C construction vehicles.

The cars are not all-that because,
while they can be raced, they just
sort of "go" -- turn, reverse and
that's it.

But the construction vehicles
would actually =act= upon their
miniaturized "environments".

I'd love to have one of these sets
into which to "escape" for a 'min-
ute", here and there, now and then.


'Course, maybe I'm just =really=
weird :-]

It's probably because I don't
spend 'time' at Malls anymore.

Funny thing is that, if someone
does make these things, I wouldn't
be able to afford them. They'd
have to go for more than a decent
model railroad engine -- more than

So I'll have to 'play' with my little
one :-]

[And what I've done, in this post
[after the initial "business"] is to
work to show folks the difference
between the way I routinely work
and the way that, in my experience,
folks usually work.

One =can= plan to Create, but, to do
so, one has to be really-Free with
one's self -- not be 'afraid' to ex-
plore a seemingly-entirely-unrelated

'Cause that's where the "connections"
that folks usually miss become visible
to one.

"Hey! That's like this other stuff."

So, if the discussion, above, "turned
you off", or if you thought it a
"waste", then you need to think about
that -- because that's why stuff remains
'invisible' to you.

You're pre-judging stuff's usefulness.

But stuff's usefulness cannot be
discerned until one 'takes it in one's
hands', truns-it-over, feels its stuff,

Don't "shut-down" before you "start-up".

Get it?

There are no "bad ideas" except the ones
that aren't explored.

And, the Seeing of =that= is the actual
thing I was "Constructing" while writing
this post.

It's Important.

Sometimes, stuff that needs to be
done doesn't get done because it's
not been done before.

Like, if a paper's stuff is 'unfamiliar',
then "it can't be published", or even
reviewed :-]

Heck, if I had the wherewithall,
I'd build some of these sets and
send them to the regulars here in

Then we could all get-together
and haul away fake dirt :-]

Play with it.

I used to say, "Take it for a walk
in the park."

Same-old, same-old.

Do what's necessary to get-

You know, watch what you're
doing while you do something
that you've not done before.

Then, take what you so saw
back to where you struggle with
the 'rut'-stuff, and you'll see it
a bit differently. Makes all the

Do this a =lot=.


K. P. Collins 

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