Science and Morality -- on Seeing

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It's 'funny'. I've known, since
1982, that it could go this way,
but I've been hoping that there
would be =someone= who
could, and would, be able to
actually Think.

But there's only Robots.

It's 'hilarious' -- I must be of
a different Species :-]

How did I end up at these

And, since I've not been
allowed to Marry, it'll all
Die with me.

Won't it?

'Cause, looking for one
other person who can
Think, all I've been able
to find are folks who can
be nothing but Cowards.

It's so Hilarious.

No funny-quotes.

The 'blind' 'leading' the
'blind' -- right down the

Not =one= other Person
who'll just Do-Science
with me.

If I'd've not experienced it,
I'd've not've believed it

But it's all just Funny.

"Rats", where only Humans
have Right to Exist.

Joke's on me.

But, 'now' how will folks
handle that Limit?

Lie like Hell.

And Hell is what will,
at this Bidding, happen.

'Now', I understand why
Jesus Cried for Jerusalem.

K. P. Collins 

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