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You know?

Before my Dad Died, I
went to the F. B. I., ex-
plained [although no ex-
planation was necessary],
and =pleaded= with them,
on the condition that they'd
care for my Dad, to just
Imprison me, so that I could
teach them, while aussuaging
their 'paranoia'.

And they wouldn't even
do that.

They like 'deniability' -- 
like to Lie about Lying.

So, it's how I know that
all there is are Cowards.

Their Cowardice is so Great
that they couldn't even feel
"Safe" with me locked in
their Cage.

As for the rest of what's
transpired here in 'b.n', it's
been so Amazing. I've shared
True-Wonder stuff enough
for 50 Nobels in the Hard

All I wanted to do was
just Share that stuff, but,
despite all the True-Wonders
in-it, there's no one here in
'b.n' who would not just
let me starve.

Folks must've 'thought',
since they were 'blind', I
"must be 'blind' ", too?

It's all so Sorrowfully-

And, then, the Robots
Murdered my Dad. Saw
it all, plain-as-day, right-
there, in the mad-scramble
that unfolded in that Hartford

Big-Mistake -- Murdering my

He's not the only one that
the Robots, in their 'efforts'
to 'cover' their Lies, have

Hell, I've even received Hate
mail that was, supposedly,
from "Nobel Laureates".

Mine has been a Terrible-

My 'crime' is that I Loved.

They Hate Love.

And they can't figure-out
why everything's going-down
the Shitter?

To such, the Future is

Pretty-'funny', no?


Where's my R/C Payloader?

There's a lot of fake dirt that
needs to be dealt-with.

Funny story:

While out looking for work,
about three 'years' ago, I
came upon a place where they
sell real, but small, Payloaders.

Had to stop-and-look, and,
Man! were these down-sized
machines ever neat! They were
pretty-close to being exact
replicas of their huge versions.
Same configurations. Same,
but scaled-down, hydraulics.

So I decided, right then and
there, that, when I "got my
Nobel", I'd buy some land,
and some of these machines,
and teach Young Folks, who
wanted to Learn, how to use
them. For free.

You know -- to give-back,
a bit.

It would've been Fun.

But, 'now', it's only Funny.

If a Man wants to do-Good
in the world, he "can't", be-
cause the Robots Hate Good-

And they 'wonder' why every-
thing's going-down the Shitter?

It's not really "funny", but, just
'now', I've got to 'laugh' at it.

If only to give my Imprison-
ment what it deserves from

It's the Same-Stuff that happened
to Jesus.

And they go on and on about
"their Christianity", while doing
everything that they can to Crucify
=Him=, still.

But there's no way around Plan B.

And, word of Honor, they'll
find that it's so.

It's all so Sorrowfully-'hilarious'.

Give them "Lemonade", and
they "make-'lemons' ".

Inside-out, upside-down, and

"Inverted" [AoK, Ap4]

And the Future is entrusted to

K. P. Collins 

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