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| You know?
| Before my Dad Died, I
| went to the F. B. I., ex-
| plained [although no ex-
| planation was necessary],
| and =pleaded= with them,
| on the condition that they'd
| care for my Dad, to just
| Imprison me, so that I could
| teach them, while aussuaging
| their 'paranoia'.
| [...]

It's 'funny', no?

It's True, but saying it is 'taboo'.

How, then, can folks ever rise
above such stuff?

It's 'funny'.

| But there's no way around Plan B.
| [...]

"Plan B" -- giving up on hoping
that anything'll happen, re. NDT's
understanding, while I'm alive.

There's no way around "Plan B"
because, in "Plan B", Truth does
what it does, regardless.

'tonight', I feel kind of like "Jonah".

Spent my 'time' in the belly of a
beast, cried-out in what's been
my version of "Nineveh", only,
no one heard -- except folks who
want to 'manipulate truth' to 'get
elected' [watching Letterman,
who I ask, please pick another
butt. You are 'powerful'. I'm
'powerless'. You know? Have
you no 'heart'? Or can't you
See that you're just being used,

It's such an immense-Sorrow.

k. p. collins

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