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| Back in 1982, with respect to my
| NRL Presentation, I too-abruptly
| foreswore 'secrecy'. I mean, I did
| not =explain= why 'secrecy' was
| unacceptable. I didn't, at the 'time',
| because I'd been working flat-out
| for more than a 'decade', already,
| and I was 'stressed' [carrying
| highly-elevated, long-term TD E/I],
| and my "quick reactivity" reflected
| that. Looking back, I know that
| I'd've not acquiesced to 'secrecy'
| [never will], but I've 'mourned'
| having not even breathed a word
| of explanation with respect to why
| it is that 'secrecy' was unaccept-
| able -- because of what was at
| stake, and because folks just
| need access to NDT's stuff if
| they're going to be able to use
| it in their Lives.
| [...]


When informing the callers that
'secrecy' was unacceptable, I said,
"I'm sorry, I've done my work on
behalf of people who suffer, and I
can't sign anything that would force
me to keep things secret."

The callers were Dr. Terrance
Barrett, a Materials Scientist, then
with the Naval Air Systems Com-
mand, and a True Gentleman who
was just trying, Honorably, to give
my work a break, and "Jim Murday",
who, I've =presumed= since the call,
was Dr. Barrett's "handler".

Dr. Barrett was elderly, and that was
22 'years' ago, so he's probably
retired. Mr. Murday probably is

It's all so Sorrowful.

I don't want to "hurt" anybody,
but it's clear to me that folks 'fears'
are "dictating" to them that they
"cannot do" what, simply, =needs=
to be done.

You know?

I'm tired of having to Witness
folks 'putting-themselves' all the
billions of other folks who comprise

I'm tired of having to 'forsake' all
of those billions of folks 'because'
a few folks who were 'blind' made
Erroneous 'choices', and who, now
understanding what's entailed, still
allow 'fear' to "dictate" that the
vast majority of People must remain

What is a man supposed to do?

I understand that it doesn't show
up here in b.n, but I've tried, and
continue to try, everything I can
think of doing to just enable NDT's
understanding to come forward.

I'm still writing letters. Still making
calls, and still knocking on doors.

But that stuff is still not working.

And, in the past, when it did start
to work, individuals, or whole
departments, were suddenly
"transferred" to places where it
was impractical for me to continue
working with-them. [Which is act-
ually why I didn't follow-through
with the CMI "Millenium Problems" -- 
why I didn't follow-through with
the local Mathematician that I'd
contacted. In our only meeting,
though, I did ask him if he would
like receiving a big promotion.
And then I explained that, if we
continued, he'd probably get one.
[I've Solved the 7th Problem,

You know?

So I'm just "throwing myself at
the wall" that is folks' 'fears'.

It's just Wrong that, for such
Trivial 'reason', folks'd forsake
the rest of Humanity.

I can See this, so I'm Obligated
to Honor Truth.

And that's part of the Problem,
isn't it?

Folks 'think' that, given any op-
portunity to speak with others,
all I'd do is 'trash' the first folks.

And, so, those individuals and
entities that could communicate
NDT's stuff 'at the snap of their
fingers', refrain from doing so
because they 'fear' that I've no-
thing better to do than 'trash'

I've reiterated it before, but my
view, with respect to such, is
that, while Truth must be Honored,
Free Will must be, simultaneously,
Guarded, so it'd be a step back-
ward to have anything to do with
folks who prefer to Dishonor

I ache for them, but not a cell in
my body 'wants' to increase their

Can't anyone See that, because
I can See that 'fear' is dictating
folks' 'choices', I have to find
a way around their 'fear', and
that the only reason that I have
to address their 'fear', or their
'choices' with respect to it, is
that be-cause their 'fear' stands
in the way of Truth? -- not 'truth'
with respect to =them=, but
Truth with respect to =all= of

I really don't care about the
stuff folks are 'afraid' of.

I Care about the fact that
Children are being Murdered,
and otherwise ab-used, all over
the place =BE-CAUSE= folks
who are 'afraid' of stuff that
'exists' =ONLY= in =their=

You know?

It's kind of a smarmy form
of Cowardice, isn't it?

Yes, it is.

Being 'afraid' of Nothing-that-
has-Existence, and leaving the
vast majority of folks, including
their own Children, to Suffer
and Die-horribly.

Forgive me, =please=, it just
needs to be said. Else, folks'll
be "hiding behind their own
shadows", failing to do what
needs to be done, while that
Limit which will End Humanity
'just' gets closer and closer.

Where are all the folks who
profess that "action" will be
taken when "action" is nec-

The "action" that needs to be
taken is not with bullets and
bombs, but with =understand-

You know -- this wimpy, not-
imaginations stuff is the "Dictator=
that's Ravaging Humanity.

Take action against =it=, instead
of doing its bidding -- instead of
joining with it to Ravage Humanity.

k. p. collins 

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