On Being Human

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You know?

Folks leave me out-here,
a man-Obliged.

And I have to work to
Honor my Obligation.

When, all of the 'heart-
breaking' stuff, and the
Obligation, could just
be taken-care-of, Easily,
by just =doing= what
Human Beings are flat-
out Capable of doing.

Where's the sense in
allowing 'fear' -- stuff
that doesn't even Exist
outside of folks' imagin-
ations -- Dictate that
what needs to be done
'cannot' be done, even
when doing it is so

Roosevelt, and those
who said the same thing
before him, were Correct.

"We have nothing to fear,
but fear, itself."

And we let that nothing-
stuff =Dictate= what our
Beings will 'be'?

It doesn't Compute, does


k. p. collins 

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