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| [...]
| But, since I'd done the "asymmetric-
| mask" stuff on that mainframe, the
| company owns that code.

Such "ownership" has inherent, within
it, Grave Obligation because any use
of this code in any way that diverges
from the way that the code is invoked
in NDT constitutes a Prosecutable in-
stance of premeditated mass-murder.

And, since the code is useless with-
out the rest of NDT, the code is
useless unless it's used to instantiate

Folks 'wonder' why I've 'refused' to
profit from all the work that the dev-
elopment of NDT constituted.

It's as above.

I'd saw that I could not Transgress
the Obligation that's inherent in NDT.

And that realization marks the date
of what I refer to as my 'Dying'.

My interpretation of the Obligation
inherent is that I cannot even "give
up" working to bring NDT's under-
standing forward because, if I were
to do so, it's easy to see that a
Certain Consequence of that would
be that People would perish, need-

See? Honoring Truth is not some
"wimpy" stuff.

Requires some genuine Fortitude.

There're other real-rewards in-it,
though, mainly with respect to the
way Honoring Truth Honors one
right-back in stuff like ability to
See, including Seeing right into
the center of stuff that's considered
to 'be' "foggy", like Ethics.

Anyway, it's why I know that,
once NDT's stuff is generally-
communicated, Humanity will
be lifted up above its self-Ravaging.

When folks understand NDT's stuff,
it'll just be Common Sense to them
that it's not acceptable to act in ways
that Ravage others -- because, when
one understands NDT's stuff, it's ob-
vious to one that there's always other
Human Beings on the receiving-end
of one's failures to Guard Free Will,
and that those failures always induce
the folks on the receiving-end to
Ravage right-back.

It's a correlate of "Honor Truth, and
Truth Honors you right back, unfailing-
ly. Not, and not, also unfailingly.

So that's how I Knew I could not
seek to "profit" from the work I did
in developing NDT.

And why I go on about Honoring
Truth and Guarding Free Will.

There's great Freedom in-it. Not
"anything-goes" stuff, because failure
to Guard Free Will is built-right-into
such recklessness, as above -- some-
one's always on the receiving-end of

But one is not only Free to do stuff
on behalf of one's fellow Humans,
one is encouraged to do so -- be-
cause there's always someone on
the receiving-end of that, too, and,
through them, it comes right-back to

[This last stuff is also unfailing, but
how that's True is beyond the scope
of where I've, as yet, been able to
bring the discussion of NDT's stuff.]

| It's 'funny'. I was hired by the same
| company at a later date, this 'time',
| to work in a PC, distributed-proc-
| essing environment, and, yes, I was
| called in and 'grilled' about my ever
| having done any of my research using
| company resources.
| [...]

A couple of 'years' prior to this, the
head of security called me into a
closed-door thing and accused me
of "running a business" and abusing
company "franking".

I didn't even know what "franking"
was :-]

I asked what this was all about,
and got no answer, so I just stood
up and told him that he was mis-
taken [rather sternly, I recall, and,
without asking permission, walked-

I'm pretty-disciplined in real-life.

The best I could make of it was that
it was a result of folks online asking
me where I worked. Thinking I'd
get a "plug" in for my company, I
told them, and they were, probably,
'journalists', and, subsequently,
called my company asking 'questions'
about me, etc., and my company
wanted to know why reporters were
calling them about 'me', so they made
up an 'accusation' and hauled me be-
hind closed doors.

It was hugely-embarassing, and none
of the folks that I worked with at
that company =ever= treated me as
they had prior to my having to go
before this 'questioning'.

It was the beginning of the end for me.

Perhaps that's what the folks who
were calling the company wanted?

I never Guess, but that's my working

While I'm writing this, I'll add another
thing that refers-back to another msg
I posted last 'night'.

Re. 'clandestine operations':

I view such as "organized Cowardice".

Think about it.

If one cannot do a thing, right in the
light of day, for fear of the conse-
quences inherent in getting caught
doing it, then that tells you
everything you need to know with
respect to doing it doesn't it?


It's what Jesus was talking about
when He spoke of folks "loving
the darkness more than the light".
He wasn't talking about 'mystical'
stuff. He was talking about folks
doing stuff 'in-secret', behind one
anothers' backs -- because, see
above, re. folks on the receiving-

In the future, folks'll look back
upon 'clandestine operations', and
their jaws will hang down because
they'll, then, understand how such
'operations' always instantiated
inwardly-spiralling interactive
dynamics that only wreaked-havoc.

The common-sense standard of
these future folks will be as above.

If you can't do it right in the light
of day, then don't do it. [And, of
course, I'm not talking about
"having sex" of using the bathroom,
or anything else like that. I'm talk-
ing about interpersonal and inter-
national Ethics.

What about when "other" folks
don't buy-into that view?

So they attack you.

Just because you won't behave
'clandestinely', doesn't mean you
"have to be 'blind' ".

And, if one isn't 'blind', then one
can See attacks developing, and
take action to prevent their occur-

The ability to See, in that way, is
another thing that just happens
when one understands NDT's

Enhances one's Living, nicely...
this Living in light rather than

There's extremely-very-much-
more, along these qualitative
lines, in NDT's stuff.

I want to share all of it with

Will I be allowed to?

K. P. Collins 

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