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| [...]
| It's what Jesus was talking about
| when He spoke of folks "loving
| the darkness more than the light".
| He wasn't talking about 'mystical'
| stuff.

Well, He =was=, but, like everything
He taught, it had a practical side
that plumbs-the-depths of Human
nervous system function.

I understand that it's inappropriate
for me to go-further in a Science
place, but Jesus really Knew how
our nervous systems work. The
depth of such, as far as I've been
able to discern, is without-limit.

I Apologize for my mis-statement.
=I= wanted to emphasize the
practical side [which is all that I
ever do here in b.n], so that folks
could just see the nervous-system
function correlates.

My statement was 'just' Wrong.

Sorry, Lord, Love, ken

| He was talking about folks
| doing stuff 'in-secret', behind one
| anothers' backs -- because, see
| above, re. folks on the receiving-
| end.
| In the future, folks'll look back
| upon 'clandestine operations', and
| their jaws will hang down because
| they'll, then, understand how such
| 'operations' always instantiated
| inwardly-spiralling interactive
| dynamics that only wreaked-havoc.
| The common-sense standard of
| these future folks will be as above.
| If you can't do it right in the light
| of day, then don't do it. [And, of
| course, I'm not talking about
| "having sex" of using the bathroom,
| or anything else like that. I'm talk-
| ing about interpersonal and inter-
| national Ethics.
| What about when "other" folks
| don't buy-into that view?
| So they attack you.
| Just because you won't behave
| 'clandestinely', doesn't mean you
| "have to be 'blind' ".
| And, if one isn't 'blind', then one
| can See attacks developing, and
| take action to prevent their occur-
| rences.
| The ability to See, in that way, is
| another thing that just happens
| when one understands NDT's
| stuff.
| Enhances one's Living, nicely...
| this Living in light rather than
| darkness.
| There's extremely-very-much-
| more, along these qualitative
| lines, in NDT's stuff.
| I want to share all of it with
| everyone.
| Will I be allowed to?
| K. P. Collins

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