Futures of Man: Total DNA Control Path to Immortality

Fabrizio J. Bonsignore djbonsignore at beethoven.com
Mon Nov 29 09:25:54 EST 2004

Reason allows us to take the body, the biological level, to a totally
new level by taking charge of our own evolution. Evolution as a
survival mechanism in the Chaos of Reality is broken by Reason, as it
introduces changes in the landscape of the survival function we humans
explore genetically; Nature turns into Society, and while evolution
makes changes throughout long time spans, Reason acts in a different
time span to bring quicker changes. Compared to the time horizon of
Reason, Evolution is stopped. Reason introduces besides a decoupling
between Natural Man and Rational Man, we move in an altogether
different level.

On this level we are able to bootstrap the system of life and take
control of our own genetic material, so this time Evolution is
directed by Reason, not by fitting beings against a survival function,
Nature. Reason is more efficient as an optimization and search
mechanism than Evolution is, as it can make use of different methods
to optimize functions, one of them being Science. Science can liberate
us from death and disease and scarcity once it takes into its hands
the task of changing our genome to provide us with more efficient
bodies. By finding mechanisms to fix DNA and prevent it from
undergoing entropy, we can in fact become forever younf and

Though there might be another path. It is said that we can only access
some percentage of the resources of our brain. As if it were
disconnected from our conscience... Yet there is people who have more
control over their bodies than the rest of the population. For
instance, I can make my pupils vibrate at will. If we can somehow open
up the path to the rest of our brain we would be able to GET CONTROL
OF OUR DNA BY WILL. A form of awareness, like the one it is supposed
to be brought about by LSD-25, (one of the psilocibins). If we can
connect our brain to our conscious functios so that we can take
control od our DNA...

We can assume assume at will any form we want, provided it contains
enough brain to not lose control. Even possibilities like cyborgs are
opened by this way. We would be able to to assume other people`s form
and act as if we were them... dangerous, but if everybod has this
capability... Pity JesusChrist was unable to reveal the secret of
`Thou art gods` when we were few... But we can use this powe to solve
the problems of overpopulation...

Myelination, the process of cnnecting nerves and axons to expedite the
transmissio neuroelectric signal. Hallucinogens peform this process,
either permanently by remyelinizing the sheaths or temporarily. They
connext different areas of the brain that are not generally connected,
producing cinestesia, the mix of sensorial input and interpretation,
like flavoring colors or smelling sounds. A bad trip, the permanent
trip, the freak, and also the backflashes can be explained by a
permanent reconnectio of the brain tissue due to the direct or
indirect action of hallucinogens. A totally connected brain (in its
functional areas) would require an impregnation, probably gradual, to
achieve the state of illuminatio of the old mystic disciplines (which
can be explained as the myelinization or similar processes by the
semiconscious effect of meditation). The process is similar to thatof
contring respiration, which is automatic but can be subjected to
conscious control (incidentallly an imporatnt part of all meditatio
and mystical techniques). With conscious control of the totality of
our brain we can achieve the same kind of control of other automatic
processes, down to the cellular and intracellular level, as the brain
has enough computing power due to the high order of interconnections
of the billions of neurones we have. With such awareness it is
possible to control our DNA and consciously fix it to prevent cancers
(entropy) and extend our life span, though it would require knowledge
and intelligence to avoid monstruous mistakes. It would also permit
the conscious control of the interaction of the magnetic neurofields
with the surrounding environment, much in the way MRI scannings work.

Note: it is to be noted that our brains lack this total
interconnection quality despite the fact that it has a lot of
plasticity (recoves after brain damage), as if evolution has been
stopped just before this conditio was acquired. But, if we take
seriously the old myths, it is more like we *have* lost this
abilities, we we able to do this knd of total awareness feats but have
lost the ability, as if we were turning back to animality... The
original sin of knowledge being gradually erased from the genetic
human pool; instead of acquiring intelligence we are losing it and our
current state of development is due more to the systematic application
of the scientific method than by a slow but steady gain in
intelligence. Human evolution is stopped compared to conscience,
Reason, but our genetic pool may be experimenting more rapid changes
tha we have been able to notice given the short span we have been
using the scientific method...


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The President doesn't know. Disinformed.

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