Ion Channel Biophysics Website (new)

John Hesketh ionchannels at gmail.com
Tue Nov 30 11:51:28 EST 2004

Hi Matt,

Thanks for the comments.  Currently, my company is really a tax shelter
for consultancy work, but also this website will form a major component
of the company in the future.  I am working on an automatic lexical
analysis tool to "read" current literature and extract relevant
information.  I will make this available when I have ironed out the
wrinkles in the code.  Also, I am working on a ranking system for
papers and authors which uses a purely quantitative analysis of
citation rate, author position etc... for ranking leading authors and
papers in several subareas of ion channel research - vaguely
ressembling ISI's service, but free and in my opinion, more
statistically sound given the clear non-gaussian distribution of
citation rates for individual papers (i.e. no impact factor).
Best regards,

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