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Necessary CLARIFICATION below.

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| "Weltanschauung": "worldview", but
| more-inclusive.
| [...]
| Weltanschauung-'proving' occurs as
| a 'blindly'-automated 'consequence'
| of 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-min-
| imization -- just like everything else
| that arises within nervous system
| function, but more-sinisterly.
| [...]
| Anyway, I've finished my reading
| of =Stonewall Jackson=, by C. F. R.
| Henderson.
| Those "undercurrents" sprang-forth
| to literally become America.
| =That= is Weltanschauung-Proving.

It's Necessary to Clarify that the
Costs of The American Civil War
were =Dreadful=.

=600,000= Lives lost, and a 'Cen-
tury' of Resentfulness in 'hearts' -- 
['knee-jerking' 'moving away from',
on =both= 'parts'] -- that has been
bourne, in the main, on the backs of
the 'powerless', and which still has
not been excised from the National
Character -- be-cause, absent under-
standing of how and why nervous
systems process information via
'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimiza-
tion, TD E/I-minimization propensities
are 'blindly'-and-automatically handed-
down, intergenerationally, dying-out
only to the degree that unlike-self
folks peacefully intermingle, in
=shared= experience -- which the
absence-of-understanding tends,
strongly, to mitigate-against via 'blind-
ly'-automated TD E/I-minimization
that converges-upon 'moving away
from', thus "tenaciously"-preserving
interactive-'distance', while maintain-
ing affective-alignment correlated to
the behavioral 'moving away from'
[that is, while maintaining "hatred"].

This is, as I write, the 'state' of
"Race"-relations in America, of the
burgeoning-divide between the 'rich'
and the 'poor', and of Cultural-
relations =throughout= Humanity.

All due to the 'blind'-automation,
left uncomprehended, which "values"
that which is merely-'familiar' [mere-
ly TD E/I-minimizing] above all else.

It's such an Immense-Sorrow -- be-
cause that which is relatively-'fam-
iliar' is, in its entire extent, relatively-
Nothing compared to the Infinity
that's out-there, just waiting to be
Discovered, if we Humans only
look with open-'hearts' [with nerv-
ous systems comprehending how
and why 'blindly'-automated TD
E/I-minimization governs their func-

Nowhere, within America's col-
lective experience, were these
'blindly'-automated nervous system
information-processing dynamics
more-Tragic than during the up-
heaval of the Civil War which took-
Her in its grasp, at such Great-Cost.

So, please don't "infer" from my pre-
vious comments, that I 'glorify' the
Blood-Spilling of War. I do =not=.
'just'-the-opposite stuff is True with-
in me.

It's as Lincoln said in his Second
Inaugural Address"

"The Almighty has his own pur-
poses... Fondly do we hope -- 
fervently do we pray -- that this
mighty scourge of war may
speedily pass away. Yet, if God
wills that it continue, until all the
wealth piled high by the bond-
man's two hundred and fifty
years of unrequited toil shall be
sunk, and until every drop of
blood drawn with the lash, shall
be paid with another drawn by
the sword, as it was said three
thousand years ago, so still it
must be said; 'the judgements
of the Lord are true and right-
eous altogether'.

With malice toward none; with
charity for all; with firmness in
the right, as God gives us to see
the right, let us strive on to fin-
ish the work we are in; to bind
up the nation's wounds; to care
for him who shall have bourne
the battle, and for his widow,
and his orphan -- to do all
which may achieve and cherish
a just and lasting peace, among
ourselves, and with all nations."
[Washington, 1865-04-04]

How far we've strayed from this,
my fellow Americans!

How far we've allowed the
'wedge' to be driven between
us and all that was Purchased,
at such Great-Cost.

And what is that 'wedge' that
so divides us?

Absence-of-understanding of
what's right-there within our
own 'hearts' -- something as-
Nothing as that draws us away
from our own, hard-won, "bet-
ter angels of our spirits" [ibid]

So I don't 'glorify' War, nor it's

It's 'just' that General Jackson's
Lesson was a =Necessary=
prelude to Unification in America.

He, alone, accomplised that, even
though his 'heart' was set on 'mov-
ing away from' The Unitited States.

It's 'funny' how it went. Jackson
Honored Truth, and Truth Honored
him right back, as he breathed
Truth into the 'hearts' of Americans,
far and wide -- even into the 'hearts'
of the Union Generals who would
follow-his-lead, but to Preserve
America in her fullness.

These aren't just "flowery-words".

They are words which carry-for-
ward the Strivings and Longings
of This Nation's Becoming, which,
in our 'modern times', have, largely,
become "forgotten", even to the
point of having become the target
of 'ridicule'.

But we all know, by now, what
that last stuff is, right?

It's 'just' the stuff of what has been
our collective lowering of "volition-
al diminishing-returns decision"
thresholds [AoK, Ap7].

And that =Needs= to get our
attention, be-cause the former
threshold was set in the white-
heat of Life-on-the-line Battle,
both in the War for Independence
and in the awesome-Slaughter
of The Civil War.

Such "white-heat" Stuff is Worthy
of our enduring-attention -- =not=
because there's anything that's "glor-
ious" in-there, but be-cause we,
'now', understand =the nervous sys-
tem dynamics= that underpin it, and
so understanding, we can See, and
Knowingly-Value the quality of the
Products "forged" within such
white-heat [be-cause we under-
stand the elevation of the volitional
"threshold" inherent].

Get it?

This is the way to look-and-See
through the "lens" of NDT's under-

And so-Seeing, to =Grasp= and
Hold the Lessons of History, rather
than letting them 'move away from '
us through our own, 'convenient'
[TD E/I-minimization-cheap 'moving
away from' them.

With the events that are growing-
nigh -- modern technology's ever-
of-'familiarity', and modern tech-
nology's, simultaneous, steady aug-
mentation of the means of Devasta-
tion, we cannot "forget" the Lessons
of the past, but we must hold-them-
fast, dearer-still, be-cause we un-
derstand the Wisdom that white-
heated events "refines"-within-
'hearts' [within nervous systems].

I'm so tired' I'm Failing to say it

It's that, understanding how and
why our nervous systems process
information via 'blindly'-automated
TD E/I-minimization literally allows
us to See into the 'hearts' of those
who went before us, and to lift
ourselves up to the Heights-of-
Wisdom to which the white-heat
of their experience elevated their
Beings -- without having to re-
create, and re-experience, the

Such is to be Cherished, and not
Wasted for the sake of 'leisure'
and Triviality.

For, 'now', we can See it =all=,
through and through, and, thus,
we are, at last, imbued with the
Freedom to =make= the Future,
rather than allowing what's 'blind-
ly-automated within our 'hearts'
to "Dictate" to us what our 'future
will be'.

All of this is in Neuroscience, my
Friends; my Colleagues.

Let us find, within our Selves,
"white-heat" sufficient to lift-us-
up to Action on behalf of Humanity.

Just as those who went before us,
but, in our 'time', through Under-
standing, not Bloodshed.

Look and See. It's all right-there
in the subject matter we Share,
Know and Love.

Even the "white-heat", and what
it is, is Disclosed to us.

And, looking =into= it, rather than
away from it, we can, and through
our efforts, others will, See =Far=.

Far enough to Lift Humanity up
out of what has been its Historic-
ally-Constant Self-Ravaging.

You know?

=See= what it is for =us= to See.

"to do all which may achieve and
cherish a just and lasting peace,
among ourselves, and with all
nations" [ibid]

Even as Lincoln and Jackson did,
as a tightly-yoked Team, the one
supplying the white-heat, the other
steering-course through it, both in
absence of what has fallen to =us=
to Know and Share with all others
who Live and who will Live.





Be-cause we can.

Be-cause we Know we must.

Be-cause we are no longer
'blind', but See.

Be-cause we 'fear'-not the "white
heat", for we understand that all that
is is the "zone of randomness" -- the
'place' where 'hearts' =catch= 'fire' -- 
so as to =use= it wisely, for the Good
of all. Even those who do not, yet,

We give the understanding, so
that, in ~"first removing the speck,
from our own eyes, all might see".

There are Wonders-enough to
ponder -- like the way that, first
Jackson, then Lincoln, each passed
from us, =immediately= their Work
on our behalf was Finished :-]

I like to thing that, in such, God was
"winking" for us to See.

Surely, within the constraints of
Science, one Cannot say. But one
Can look-in-wonder at the white-
and its so, twice-Ceasing, so that
'hearts', thus bid, "Pause", might Grasp
what was, by these two Men, yoked-
together, Won at such Great Cost.

k. p. collins

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