On Weltanschauung-'proving'

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| and, perhaps most-blatently, the
| Protestants toward the Catholics in
| Northern Ireland, with their march-
| ing-in-the-face-on-the-day-com-
| memorating-victory stuff.
| [...]

I'm not being "too-Hard", here.

Both Christian groups of folks
have received so much -- too
much to "just forget" all that's

Jesus is supposed to Stand-
in-your-Center, but where is
His Teaching with respect to
"Loving neighbor"?

My 'quarell' is a Lover's, with
you folks -- on =both= 'sides' of
your Long-Sufferingness -- in
my 'heart'.

You folks deny yourselves
when you 'deny' Jesus, in your

You know?

=Please= Forgive my Forthright,
'intrusion' into your long-'familiar'
'state' of affairs, but, gees, 'louise'!
If you folks 'deny' Jesus, you're
neither Protestants, nor Catholics,
but just some more Warring-fact-
ions who put themselves before
all else.

And look at the 'example' you
folks are setting -- even to your
Children -- as you Bear the
Name of Christ.

Dig deep.

Find your 'hearts'.

I Beg you folks.

On =both= 'sides', there should
be Jesus.

You know?

Can't you see that the absence
of that one thing is the wellspring
of the "intensity" which animates
your Long-Suffering?

It is.

For as long as I've known of it,
you folks' Suffering has been my
Suffering -- and Jesus's Suffering,

You know?

=Come together=, in Whose Name
you Claim, and let =nothing= be a
"stumbling block" in your path.

Love, ken [k. p. collins] 

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