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>> >>Have you found a way of producing an intention in a rat?
>> >>
>> >>Just asking.
>> >>
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>> > Tolmen did, so he says. He and his co-workers claim to have had rats
>> > searching for the stimulus.
>> What stimulus? In what circumstances? Etc. URL?
>Somebody posted a link a while back to Tolmen and his co-workers papers', it
>is all described in the papers, but I can't remember the details of the
>experiments. It concerns experiments related to 'searching out the
>stimulus,' D.L. and G.S. will know about these experiments by Tolmen and his
>co-workers, but they will criticise them.

You would find his work easier to locate by spelling the name
correctly:  Edward C. TolmAn

See, for example, http://psychclassics.yorku.ca/Tolman/Maps/maps.htm

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