the liver and the brain

ray scanlon rscanlon at nycap.rr.com
Wed Sep 1 19:07:29 EST 2004

zzbunker writes:

>   Hardly. Since *DNA* doesn't *construct* anything.
>   Regardless of what any "motor" DNA *codes*, they
>   are not *triggering* any *motor* action. It's only
>   on context of the extremely more complicated *controllers*, 
>   and imitators, that you can even barely lay the 
>   scientific groundwork for *Virus* action, nevermind brain action.

Oh, Lord! Transcribing gets RNA from DNA. Translation gets proteins
from RNA. One billion copies of members of a subset of ten thousand
proteins from a set of thirty to forty five thousaand proteins makes a
neuron. A large group of neurons makes a motor program gaenerator.

So we say, "DNA constructs a motor program generator." Why not?

The brain and its activities are very, very simple, if you have eyes
to see. However, if you keep on insisting at looking at trees, you
will never see the forest.


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