the liver and the brain

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> >The interesting question is whether the perceptual systems of the
> >ungulates are already as developed at birth as are their motor
> >systems, or whether much of the perceptual development doesn't take
> >place after birth, as in cats/humans/etc? It would be advantageous, in
> >a survival sense, if a baby zebra could both run away from the lion
> >that's chasing it, and also be able to recognize what a lion is,
> >shortly after birth. Hmmm ...... ????
> The difference you refer to is the distinction between precocial
> (capable of function at birth) vs. altricial (helpless at birth).  

I looked through all of the abstracts cited, but they didn't really
address the issue I mentioned above. However, armed with the new
words, I'm doing some hunting around on google ... thanks.


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