the liver and the brain

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> zzbunker writes:
> >   Hardly. Since *DNA* doesn't *construct* anything.
> >   Regardless of what any "motor" DNA *codes*, they
> >   are not *triggering* any *motor* action. It's only
> >   on context of the extremely more complicated *controllers*, 
> >   and imitators, that you can even barely lay the 
> >   scientific groundwork for *Virus* action, nevermind brain action.
> Oh, Lord! Transcribing gets RNA from DNA. Translation gets proteins
> from RNA. One billion copies of members of a subset of ten thousand
> proteins from a set of thirty to forty five thousaand proteins makes a
> neuron. A large group of neurons makes a motor program gaenerator.
> So we say, "DNA constructs a motor program generator." Why not?

  Micro-biologists, like NASA, can use whatever technical *terminology* 
  that they want to.
  Terminology make does no difference to dead specimens, 
  forensic scientists, blown-up rockets, and the FBI.
  The only thing that's really important in the whole situation is 
  that neither RNA or DNA  *TRIGGER* *MOTOR* or *GENERATOR* *ACTION*. 

  And that Biologists are still the world's leading 
  losers concerning computers.

  Since "Action" is only a *Biology* term in the sense  
  that the US Army and Mash are Biology terms.

  And "trigger" is only a Biology term in the sense
  that Psychologists, Roy Rogers, his restaraunts, and his 
  horse Trigger are Biology terms.

  And Motors and Generators are only Biology Terms
  in the sense that US Government Automobile Insurance and HMO 
  and Biology terms.


> The brain and its activities are very, very simple, if you have eyes
> to see. However, if you keep on insisting at looking at trees, you
> will never see the forest.

  The Forest and Trees analogy is a VERY old philosophy
  diversion, which is trees are looked at very closely
  for their leave action.

  So that whenever Intelligence variances 
  arise in DNA, and these situtions arise, 
  Chemists and Biologists can be told to 
  "Make like a tree, and leave".

> Ray

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