the liver and the brain

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>>Longley, you are the one who should be ridiculed. You're just a
>>pompous ass, showing off your supposedly superior knowledge and acting
>>like a peacock on C.A.P. You have no worthwhile contribution to make
>>toward solving the artificial intelligence puzzle.
>>Do you know the mechanism of motor learning and coordination in the
>>basal ganglia and the cerebellum? Answer: No. Do you understand the
>>mechanism of STM and LTM? Answer: No. You understand doodley squat
>>about the underlying principles of the mechanisms responsible for
>>behavior. You are hogging the group's bandwidth. You are the worst
>>folk psychologist I have ever had the displeasure to know. :-D
>>And one more thing. Pack it up your ass. <g>
>>P.S. I'll change my mind about you when you contribute some concrete
>>idea that can be used to construct an artificial intelligence. Until
>>then, PIUYA!
>>Louis Savain
>Now I see what Ray Scanlon meant about bitter attacks and invective.
>This stuff was not on bionet.neuroscience and, hopefully, will remain
>off that news group.  Please delete that group from further postings
>as I have done with this one.

My experience is that neuroscientists, in general, have no sense of
humor. But I appreciate what they do, nonetheless.

Louis Savain

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