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> This is about the most simplistic explanation of behavior that I have
> ever heard.

I am neither wrote this post to defend the post/poster that "r norman" wrote
the above in reply to, nor to polemize against "r norman" personally!

I wrote it to convey something about another, less negatively meant, sort of

Given a comprehensive/realistically principled/science-aligned *enough*
overview of these aspects of What Is going on, one may then be well
justified to resort to _simply_ (metaphorically/schematically) describe a

[or a nervous system, or an entire individual animal -- even down to an
amoebic animal capable of not much more than 3 kinds of distincly different
1. sensing/detecting a meal-opportunity, moving towards it, and
engulfing/digesting it;
2. sensing an adverse object and moving away from it;
3. "Endulging in the act of self-cloning"]

in terms of "a modular Actention Selection/System".

Never mind that the "modularity" (of the ASS) is still only very coarsely
(or crudely) resolvable!
It is nevertheless an approach at descriptively dealing with distinctly
different non-neatly spatially distributed patterns of neural
activity/interactivity (in brainspacetime) -- patterns that are undeniably
*discrete enough* to be manifest (or be reflected - both objectively and
subjectively) in the obvious reality of our different Behaviors (or, IOW,
our more or less regular/irregular and fleeting and also otherwise
differently featured "focuses, or paying, of actention").

Let's say there exist an 'intellectual-philosophical sport' that may be
called "Truth catching"; and that it is fraught by the following facts:
Not only does the smallest wrong move make Truth move out of rational reach
(or sight) but, in truth, natural deficiencies in
'intellectual-philosophical vision' do as if conspire with naturally
inevitable dead ends and an abundance of berating voices from inEPTly
philosophically AEVASIVE "dead beats".


Partly inspired by MAD (cold war shaming acronym), I arrived at EPT
[e.g: eclectically Explanatory perversely Pert
philosophical Terminology] and by concEPTual lenses/tools saw/grasped how
and why AEVASIVE preoccupations (personalites) normally preclude making
in-dEPTh sense (of themselves).
In the acronym for Ambiadvantageously Evolved Vexed Actention
Selection (System) Involving Various Endorphins, AS(S) stand for how we
think/emote/behave based on our individual repertoire of competing {by
mutual inhibition) whilst cheered and booed {by current and past
environmental influences) "actention modules", & AE refer to the didactic
division of the Evolutionary Pressure Totality into relevant dialectic
lifetime juxtapositions of:
1. Opportunity
2. Adversity - here especially SHITS [Synaptic Hibernation Imploring
{naturally selective AND 'motivating' of selective unconsciousness)
Traumatic {also tardily so) Situations] normally repercussively retained as
CURSES type memory (aka "Pain", à la Janov)

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