the liver and the brain

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> zzbunker writes:
> >   Hardly. Since *DNA* doesn't *construct* anything.
> >   Regardless of what any "motor" DNA *codes*, they
> >   are not *triggering* any *motor* action. It's only
> >   on context of the extremely more complicated *controllers*, 
> >   and imitators, that you can even barely lay the 
> >   scientific groundwork for *Virus* action, nevermind brain action.
> Oh, Lord! Transcribing gets RNA from DNA. Translation gets proteins
> from RNA. One billion copies of members of a subset of ten thousand
> proteins from a set of thirty to forty five thousaand proteins makes a
> neuron. A large group of neurons makes a motor program gaenerator.
> So we say, "DNA constructs a motor program generator." Why not?
> The brain and its activities are very, very simple, if you have eyes
> to see. However, if you keep on insisting at looking at trees, you
> will never see the forest.

  BTW, it has NEVER even come in the context of "science"
  that the Brain was not simple, since most of science
  is well-known to be Political Science. Which is the
  reason TVs work. But it's not the reason *human* eyes works,
  since even bats got eyes. But bats are also limited
  by physics to speed less than light speed.
  But only QM retards are limited to light speed.

> Ray

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