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> >> Are you saying that "goo-goo" and "mama", including the nuances of
> >> just how the vowels sound, are not subject to experience and learning?
> >
> >Not at all.
> >(Where on earth did you get that questions from!?)
> >
> I got it from your post which you conveniently snipped.  You seemed to
> identify "babbling" totally with the very first vocalizations of a
> newborn which you say makes it devoid of any component of plasticity,
> experience or learning.

I did you the courtecy to look back at what I posted and found only an
out-of-place"as" (that should have been an "are") were I not so weirdly
wired word-wise.

So, you seem to have been 'spot on wrong' in how you told me what I meant
and thought based on what I wrote *not*. ;-)

Never mind!


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